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Blade-Wielding Hero (持刀大侠; pinyin: chídāo dàxiá) is a boss encountered in Kongfu World in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. The player fights him in Kongfu World - Ultimate Challenge.

Blade-Wielding Hero is a much tougher opponent than Gunpowder Devil, as he is capable of summoning more dangerous zombies, and he becomes a very formidable foe when he is low on health.

Almanac entry

持刀大侠 (Blade-Wielding Hero)

SPEED: Hungry

召唤功夫僵尸,善于使用刀和盾 。


    In English:

    Calls Kongfu zombies, handy with a sword and shield.

    A knife to the East, a "flying fairy". It is a famous blade-wielding warrior skill, but he has now been considered as just a "flying zombie".


Blade-Wielding Hero has four attacks:

  1. He summons Kongfu World Zombies(While he summons them, he holds his shield upwards, making him temporarily resistant to attacks. The lower he is on health, the more the shield protects him):
  2. He smashes his sword on the ground, moving the plants on the lane he smashes two tiles to the left. Plants on the leftmost columns will be thrown off the lawn. Like with summoning zombies, he holds its shield upwards while charging to protect itself.
    • This is a qigong skill, which means it has no effects for plants behind Radish.
  3. He jumps to the sky and flies through a lane, killing all the plants on the lane by knocking them off the lawn. The lane he attacks will be warned by turning red.
    • Plants on minecarts can be saved by moving them to a different lane. But if the boss attacks the middle lane, there is no way to save those plants.
  4. He runs up to a plant, and smashes it with its sword. This kills plants in a 1x2 area.


This is a really powerful zombie because he can wipe out an entire lane of plants, can kill plants in one hit with his sword and can summon really dangerous zombies. The best way of defeating this boss is by having a vast majority of Sunflowers so you will be able to get more plants onto the lawn.



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