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Giga-Football Zombie1

Giga-Football Zombie

The Black football helmet is the headwear worn by Giga-Football Zombies. It is the toughest headwear and armor in Plants vs. Zombies and the entire Plants vs. Zombies series, but it only appears in the web version of Plants vs. Zombies. It is twice as tough as the regular football helmet and almost as tough as a Gargantuar.


The black football helmet absorbs 2800 damage per shot and it degrades upon absorbing 940 damage per shot and 1880 damage per shot before being destroyed at 2800 damage per shot.


For more strategies, see Giga-Football Zombie.

The Giga-Football Zombie is extremely strong since there are no Magnet-shrooms in the web version. It can be destroyed with two instant kills or it can be stalled with a Wall-nut. Chompers can kill it in one chomp, so they are highly recommended to deal with the Giga-Football Zombie.


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