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They can be tough nuts to crack.
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Bitey Brothers are bounty plants in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. They resemble Chompers wearing "Z-Chomp" Costumes and blue "Velocity Cap" hats. They can be hunted in Sundrop Hills and come in a group of three.

Defeating them unlocks The Bite Stuff medal.


Bitey Brothers are invincible when they are outside of the circle area, which is indicated by the presence of a rainbow effect on them. They become vulnerable once they are inside the circle.

The easiest way to defeat them is to use the Super Brainz, as he is suited for such close quarters combat. Using the Fearless upgrade allows him to become semi-invincible by allowing him to continuously regenerate health when near them, and most of the time they can't attack you quickly enough to drain your health below 15 HP. Attack them with the fists and don't worry about dying; being near them with the Fearless upgrade almost guarantees that you won't die at all. If one of the Chompers tries to leave the circle, use the shield and aim at the escaping Chomper to lure him back in. Don't use the Hyper Jump Thump ability as it is pointless and can cause some of the Chompers to leave the circle. For a finishing blow, use the Super Ultra Ball and aim at them. This will allow you to gain an extra XP if you manage to kill some of them with it. For best results, use it while all of the Chompers have very low health. You can score up to 75 additional XP if you manage to defeat them all in one hit.



  • There is a glitch where one of the Chompers will occasionally leave the area without attacking. This can be prevented by not standing behind the shrubs within the circle at the start of the bounty hunt.
  • Prior to the November 2019 Patch, this bounty hunt could be exploited to easily farm XP, coins, and tacos, but this was later nerfed in an unlisted change which made it inefficient. As of the December 2019 Patch, bounty hunt farming has been effectively disabled due to an addition of 15 second cooldown after each bounty hunt attempts.
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