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Biotic Pull is an ability exclusive to the Z7-Mech in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. When used, it will fire a blue orb that hits the first plant. Although it will deal no damage it will instead pull them towards the Z7-Mech. Any plant in the orb's radius will be pulled in as well. It can be used with the Zomni-Blade as a combo.


This ability, like Water Cyclone, is best left alone since unless the plant pulled in has less than 80 health, this will just make you a better target to threats like EMPeach and ice characters. However, it's useful for unrooting plants like the Pea/Retro Gatling and then finishing them off with either your Zomni-Blade or your primary weapon, the Z-8 Avenger. Another strategy is using your Z-8 Avenger to hit the plant while they are being pulled towards you, as it will weaken them before they hit the ground, so you can then use your Zomni-Blade to finish them off.

Version history

January 2016 patch

  • Radius is now increased from two to three meters

Trouble in Zombopolis: Part One DLC

  • Increased homing effectiveness of biotic pull projectile
  • Increased Biotic Pull force so that enemies get pulled in faster
  • Increased radius of Biotic Pull's orb so that there’s a better chance multiple enemies will get pulled at once
  • Reduced reload time for Biotic Pull by 5s



  • This is the only mech ability that deals no damage.
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