For the Chinese version of the level, see Big Wave Beach - Day 27 (Chinese version).

Big Wave Beach - Day 27 is the twenty-seventh level of Big Wave Beach in Plants vs. Zombies 2. In this level, the player starts out with Twin Sunflower, Lily Pad, Wall-nut, Bonk Choy, and Banana Launcher. The tideline is located before the first column. When this level is finished for the first time, the player unlocks the Banana Launcher.


The small number next to the zombie icon means that zombie will always appear in that lane, with 1 being the topmost lane and 5 being the bottommost one.
Waves Non-dynamic zombies Ambush zombies Note(s)
1 Pompadour Zombie24 None
2 Pompadour Zombie22 Bikini Zombie23 None
3 Pompadour Conehead25 Bikini Zombie24 None
4 Pompadour Zombie21 Pompadour Conehead23 Bikini Zombie22 None
5 Pompadour Zombie24 Pompadour Conehead22 Bikini Conehead21 None 500%/7 Plant Food
6 Pompadour Zombie2 Pompadour Buckethead2 Bikini Buckethead2 Beach Flag Zombie2 Snorkel Zombie2 Snorkel Zombie2 None First flag
7 Pompadour Buckethead2 Bikini Zombie2 Bikini Conehead2 None
8 Fisherman Zombie22 None
9 None Imp Mermaid Zombie2 Imp Mermaid Zombie2 Imp Mermaid Zombie2 Imp Mermaid Zombie2 Octo Zombie2 Water reaches 6th column; Low Tide!
10 Bikini Zombie2 Fisherman Zombie24 None
11 Pompadour Conehead2 Pompadour Buckethead22 Bikini Zombie2 Bikini Buckethead24 None
12 Bikini Zombie21 Bikini Zombie21 Bikini Zombie22 Bikini Zombie23 Bikini Zombie25 Bikini Zombie2 Bikini Conehead22 Bikini Conehead23 Bikini Conehead2 Bikini Conehead2 Bikini Buckethead24 Bikini Buckethead2 Beach Flag Zombie2 None Second flag; 400%/7 Plant Food
13 Pompadour Zombie22 Pompadour Zombie24 Pompadour Conehead23 Bikini Conehead22 Bikini Conehead24 Bikini Buckethead23 None
14 Pompadour Zombie25 Pompadour Conehead21 Pompadour Buckethead24 Bikini Zombie21 Bikini Conehead25 Bikini Buckethead22 None
15 Fisherman Zombie22 Fisherman Zombie24 None Water reaches 4th column
16 Pompadour Conehead22 Pompadour Conehead23 Bikini Conehead24 Bikini Buckethead23 Snorkel Zombie2 Snorkel Zombie2 None Water reaches 2nd column; 600%/7 Plant Food
17 Snorkel Zombie2 Snorkel Zombie2 Snorkel Zombie2 Fisherman Zombie23 None Water covers the whole lawn
18 Pompadour Zombie2 Pompadour Conehead2 Bikini Zombie2 Bikini Conehead2 Bikini Conehead2 Beach Flag Zombie2 Snorkel Zombie2 Snorkel Zombie2 Snorkel Zombie2 Snorkel Zombie2 Snorkel Zombie2 Surfer Zombie23 Surfer Zombie23 Octo Zombie2 None Final flag


Strategy 1

Created by AWPXML
  • Required plants:
  • Plant five Twin Sunflowers in the second column and four in the fifth column. Plant Magnifying Grasses in the first column. Use the Magnifying Grasses to kill the first few zombies.
  • Plant Bonk Choys in the fourth column. Plant an Infi-nut on the empty tile in the fifth column. Use Plant Food on the Infi-nut once you get one.
  • Plant Banana Launchers in the third column.

Strategy 2

Created by Pranavuk
  • Required plants:
  • The primary focus is saving sun by constantly by taking zombies out with Tangle Kelps.
  • Plant Wall-nuts and Bonk Choys to their left to protect them.
  • Try taking out the Octo Zombie and Fisherman Zombie with Tangle Kelps or Guacodiles until you are ready for a Banana Launcher.
  • Once you plant at least two Banana Launchers, it becomes easy to save all five lawn-movers.

Strategy 3  (May contain gem premium content)

Created by Jetpack33133

A strategy with no Infi-nuts.

Once your Twin Sunflower has recharged and you have enough sun, plant it on the left left-most Lily Pad. When the first few zombies come, use Bonk Choys. When the second Conehead Zombie comes, start placing Wall-nuts in the rows where Conehead Zombies are coming. Do not forget to place Bonk Choys behind the Wall-nuts. Once you have enough sun, place a Lily Pad in tile E2, then place a Banana Launcher on it. Use Banana Launchers on Buckethead Zombies so the Bonk Choys can eliminate them. Also use Banana Launchers on the Octo Zombies or just use Ghost Peppers on them. You can also use Ghost Peppers or Tangle Kelps on Buckethead Zombies. When the first Fisherman Zombie comes, you should have your first Banana Launcher placed. Let the Fisherman Zombie get rid of the Wall-nut. Then use the Banana Launcher on the Fisherman Zombie Use Banana Launchers on the rest. Do not forget to finish your Twin Sunflower column by placing Lily Pads under them. Do the same with Banana Launchers. On the Final Wave, if a Snorkel Zombie eats your Wall-nut and Bonk Choy, use a Banana Launcher on it. You unlocked the Banana Launcher!

When you finish, your board should look like this: Code: B: Bonk Choy, (): Lily Pad, BA: Banana Launcher, W: Wall-nut, T, Twin Sunflower.


Strategy 4  (Contains gem premium content)

Created by Akinyemi2008

Plant Twin Sunflowers on the second column. Plant Bonk Choys on the third column and Wall-nuts on the fourth column. After that start planting Banana Launchers on the first column. In the progress of planting, plant Ghost Peppers for the Basic and Coneheads, and use the Tangle Kelp for the Bucketheads. When you are done planting, your setup should look like this: (T = Twin Sunflower, B = Bonk Choy, W = Wall-nut, BL = Banana Launcher) (BL) (T) (B) (W)

(BL) (T) (B) (W)

(BL) (T) (B) (W)

(BL) (T) (B) (W)

(BL) (T) (B) (W)



  • This is the fourth of six levels where the tide goes all the way to the player's house (first column), the others being Day 7, Day 13, Day 18, Day 29, and Day 31.


Big Wave Beach Day 27

Big Wave Beach Day 27. Zombies 2 - Big Wave Beach Day 27

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