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Big Bulb Barrage is an ability for Garlic Drone in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. When activated, Garlic Drone shoots out 7 explosive garlic bulbs.


Launch a volley of explosive garlic.



Try to use this against large groups of zombies to whittle down all of their health (as this ability does splash damage) an assist your teammates in vanquishing them.

As an alternative, seek out a zombie with low health, such as an Imp or a Scientist, and use this to finish them off in one shot.


Try not to clump up with other zombies if a Garlic Drone is near. If you hear one using this ability, you have less than a second to either sprint away, hide, or try to shoot the Drone down. If you choose to flee, try to zigzag so you don't get hit. Only attempt to shoot the Drone down if you aren't the one being targeted.

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