Becoming One With The Dumb is a quest in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, given by Hugh D. Votee.

Beating the quest for the first time rewards the player with 10,000 coins, 25 Marshmallows, a Medal, the Sacred Batteries.


Only the truly dumb are worthy of the Sacred Batteries. Get worthy by delving into the emptiness of your own mind. It's gonna get weird.


Protect Dummy

Engineer is a great choice for this quest, as his Heavy Helper can help out in plenty of the objectives, such as this one. This part of the quest is arguably the most difficult and could take multiple tries to get right. Use Heavy Helper to take out plants coming from one side and try to vanquish those. When Squash comes in, try to move your Heavy Helper to somewhere closer to it and try to hit it as much as you can.


In this part, the player must vanquish 40 plants on top of a large Dummy. Plenty of Weeds spawn in for the player to vanquish, but once the player vanquishes 30 plants, they will be turned into a Goat and have to vanquish the remaining Weeds and Chompers without falling out of the sides.

Try to lure the plants somewhere in the middle of Dummy, and ram into them in a vertical position (as Dummy is taller than he is wide) to avoid falling off.




  • At the end of the quest, it is revealed that the Sacred Batteries were actually inside of the player all along.
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