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A plague has swept this era.
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Be Careful! (小心为上!, pinyin: Xiǎoxīn wéi shàng!) was the third and final Vasebreaker level of the Beach Challenge Pack in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. The player had to smash all vases and defeat all the zombies to beat the level. There were 30 vases in the level. When this level was finished for the first time, the player would receive a Mystery Gift Box.


Considering this is the final Vasebreaker level in the pack, the player should prepare for the worse. You only get a few good offensive plants, so try to think of a good strategy using those plants. You also get two Deep Sea Gargantuars and three Octo Zombies, two very difficult zombies to deal with, especially with the plants in the level.


  • Plant Citrons on the lane with the vase contaning Deep Sea Gargantuars. If the two are not in the same lane, try resetting.
  • Tangle Kelps should be used only for taking out of Octo Zombies.
  • Starfruits and Rotobagas should be planted as is.
  • Hypno-shrooms should be used for hypnotizing Bucketheads, this will benefit the player.
  • Surfer Zombies are fast, so use either Citrons or Tangle Kelps to take them out.
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