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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.

Bass Zombie (also referred to as Bassist Zombie) is the fourth zombie encountered in Neon Mixtape Tour in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. He appears through the ambush "Bassist Zombie debut!", spawning in similar to Lost Pilot Zombie, along with a speaker. He drops onto a random tile, crushing any plants currently there, then begins to jam away. Regardless on what the current jam playing, he will send out shock waves every couple of beats. Once his speaker is destroyed, he will break his bass guitar in rage, then creep towards the player's lawn as a zombie with mediocre toughness.


Bass Zombie has a tall blond mohawk that falls forward near the front. He wears white makeup with black steaks around his eyes. He wears a maroon jacket with no shirt underneath, revealing blond chest hair. The sleeves are purple cuffs at the end. The pants he wears are also maroon.

His shoes are black with maroon trim, and he appears to have metal heels.

Almanac entry

贝斯手僵尸 (Bass Zombie)

SPEED: Stiff

踏着巨大的音箱从天而降, 顺带压扁你的植物。

特点: 疯狂弹奏贝斯, 发射致命音波, 但会被喇叭花反射。

你无法阻止用生命去弹奏的贝斯手僵尸, 直到他的音箱被破坏。对了, 贝斯手僵尸最喜欢说的一句话就是 “不服中单sala!"

    In English:

    Descends down from the sky with a speaker, crushing your plants at the same time.

    Special: Plays the bass rapidly, shooting fatal waves, but will be reflected by MC Glory.

    You can't prevent the Bass Zombie from playing his bass with his life, unless his speaker is crushed. By the way, Bass Zombie's catchphrase is: "Come challenge me or shut up!"


Bass Zombie absorbs 240 damage per shot and his appearance changes upon absorbing 120 damage per shot before dying at 240 damage per shot.


Sound Description
Playing its bass guitar


Bass Zombie is a very deadly zombie if given enough time. He is Neon Mixtape Tour's ambush zombie, and will only appear on the lawn through the ambush "Bassist Zombie debut!" They are immune to Blover and Hurrikale's instant kill ability, despite appearing to be airborne when they drop. They are annoying alone, but when they drop in large numbers, you defenses will suffer greatly. The speaker is the most deadly trait the zombie has, as he can draw fire away from more dangerous zombies, and even protect himself, all while dealing passive damage and firing shock waves. Depending on the current jam, Bass Zombie will fire out shock waves at different intervals. (This is because jams increase or decrease a zombie's animation speed.) The best way to defeat them is to simply have a strong offense, or use instant kills. Destroying the speaker will make the Bass Zombie break his guitar in rage, which he then acts like a normal zombie. Apply the same tactics one would use for Lost Pilot Zombie and Bug Bot Imp, as he shares many traits with them. Be wary; any plant under the speaker when he drops will be destroyed. Infi-nut will only have its hologram destroyed, but not the projector, effectively negating Bass Zombie if it can regenerate fast enough. Laser Bean and Fume-shroom are useful for killing Bass Zombie, as the speaker cannot absorb the damage. MC Glory is still the best plant for countering this, but it is really rare. In addition, leveling up plants can help, especially since some plants like Homing Thistle when leveled up can easily deal with the speakers when planted. Another way is to use lobbed-shot plants like Winter Melon, since they ignore the speakers and will attack Bass Zombie directly.

Using a Lava Guava is really useful for this zombie, because one of them instantly kills both the Bass Zombie and his Speaker.


Neon Mixtape Tour: Days 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 18, 22, 24



  • His speaker acts similarly to the one seen during the Zombot Multi-stage Masher's boss fight, but uses Hair Metal Gargantuar's shockwave graphics instead.
    • These shockwaves do not destroy plants instantly, instead destroying most non-defensive plants in two blasts.
  • He shares all of his sounds with Hair Metal Gargantuar, most noticeably using the guitar smashing sound as its playing sound.
  • His face paint looks similar the zombies' faces during the Lawn of Doom event in the international version and Trick-or-Treater from Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. It also resembles the face paint used by the rock band KISS.
  • One of the Neon Zombies on the Zombot Multi-stage Masher plays the same guitar Bass Zombie uses.
  • His pet phrase, as being mentioned in the Almanac entry, is originally referred to the game League of Legends, while the word 'sala' means 'duel' (which was initially 'solo').
  • If he gets buttered while spawning, he will appear to float in midair as he cannot move due to the butter.

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