Baseball Star is a Rare variant of the All-Star in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and a Super Rare Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.


Stickerbook description

The Baseball Star was a few vanquishes shy of making the ZLB hall of fame, but was kicked out of the league for eating the Brainz Ball.

In-game description

The Baseball Cannon's extremely high rate of fire is sure to be a home run!

AI Health

Easy: 120

Normal: 160

Hard: 200


Primary weapon

Baseball Star uses the Baseball Cannon as his primary weapon which deals six impact damage and seven critical damage close range. The Baseball Cannon fires faster and is more accurate than the All-Star's primary weapon. As expected, this leads to faster overheating.


Imp Punt

With Imp Punt, the All-Star punts an Imp that rolls forward and explodes after a short time, dealing 150 damage to plants within its blast radius.

Sprint Tackle

With the Sprint Tackle, the All-Star rushes forward, dealing 75 damage and knocks plants into the sky. This can serve as a short-ranged attack.

Dummy Shield

Dummy Shield is a shield that the All-Star places to protect himself.

Long Bomb

An alternate ability of Imp Punt, Long Bomb allows the All-Star kicks an Imp up very high, which explodes when he lands and deals 150 damage.

Ultra Tackle

An alternate ability of Sprint Tackle, Ultra Tackle does 90 damage but has a longer recharge time.

Shield Decoy

An alternate ability of Dummy Shield, the player can have four Shield Decoys, but it is weaker.

Future Dummy

An alternate ability of Dummy Shield, the Future Dummy is stronger than the default Dummy Shield, but only one Future Dummy can be placed down at a time. When the Future Dummy is destroyed, it explodes (dealing up to 75 damage to nearby Plants).

Weapon upgrades


Baseball Star's Weapon Upgrades

Chilled Baseballs

By chilling the baseballs the day before, the overall heat tolerance is increased.

Super Zomboss Fans

By installing tiny Zomboss fans, the venting of an overheat moment takes a little less time.

Lead Filled Baseballs

By injecting the balls with lead, the baseballs hurt more causing more damage.

Unlocking (Garden Warfare only)

Baseball Star is unlocked by reaching level 10 with the All-Star. Each level after 5 will reward the player with a single character piece until all are unlocked, at level 10.



The Baseball Star has a high fire rate, thus overheating quickly. Use him at close range, as you can potentially deal up to 350 damage, enough to vanquish any plant. If you manage to keep a prolonged volley of baseballs hitting your opponent it will definitely either vanquish your opponent or heavily injure them, depending on the class' base health and how much health they had prior to their encounter with you. Don't use him at long range, as although he seems to play like the Golf Star, his damage fall out is severe, crippling his damage to half of his close-range hits. Remember to fire in short bursts, as if your weapon overheats, you're a sitting duck to enemy Cacti and an easier vanquish for the rest. If your weapon overheats in the midst of fighting  use your sprint-tackle or impunt to finish of your opponent. If on low health place a sheild decoy and dash to the side or wait until the plant comes to you, in which case use your abilities to take them out.


Be wary of any Baseball stars that are in medium range of you, as they can inflict heavy damage or down right vanquish you if they're accurate, with the probability of the possibility being especially high for Sunflowers and Roses, and less so for Citrons, Corns, and Chompers. As a Cactus, you can safely pick off health from the Baseball Star from long range, and put up a Tallnut-Battlement in order to block any weakened shots that were sent your way. If you're playing as a Peashooter and a Baseball Star attacks you head on, keep in mind that he has enough health to tank your chili bean bomb, and is fast enough to outrun the sombrero bean bomb. If your aim is true fire a shuck shot as a Corn to vanquish him immediately. Pea Gatlings, Time Snares, E.M.Peaches and Sunbeams are effective at lowering or stunning the Baseball Star, weakening him by a considerable amount.



  • The max number of shots he can make before his weapon overheats is 50.
  • The ZLB mentioned in his description is a parody of the MLB, or the Major League Baseball.