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Bandit Zombie (盗贼僵尸; pinyin: dàozéi jiāngshī) is a zombie encountered in Dark Ages in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. He drinks a potion that makes him invisible to both players and plants. The invisible effect also makes the zombie nearly impervious to damage. A Plantern or a Lantern Cherry reveals nearby Bandit Zombies.

Bandit Zombie has been adapted by the Chinese version of the game when the international version omitted it prior to the revisions of the game's coding.


Bandit Zombie is dressed like a thief. He wears a dark green colored robe that extends up to his elbows. On its eyewear, he wears a black colored eye mask and its eyes are shaped like an oblong. Bandit Zombie wears a dark blue colored tattered shirt with straps on it, also, the left portion is torn up and exposes its bones slightly. The pouch on his left rib contains a potion that he typically uses for stealth purposes. His bones are also colored dark green and his shoes bear similar a color to its garments.

Almanac entry

盗贼僵尸 (Bandit Zombie)

SPEED: Basic



    In English:

    Can enter a state of invisibility after drinking a potion.

    As a professional, Bandit Zombie had a lot of professionalism in life. To better fulfill his moral obligations, he specifically got a wizard to make an invisibility potion for him. The effects of the potion are very obvious, but the side effects are somewhat big...


This zombie can be problematic, leaving the player no other choices besides using Plantern, Iceberg Lettuce, and Kernel-pult. If combined with at least ten or twenty Jester Zombies, Knight Zombies, and/or Cavalry Zombies, they can be very problematic and can cause the player to lose the game quickly. Use a Plantern to prevent the Bandit Zombie from being invisible. Kill him quickly, as this zombie can disappear at countless times. Another way to defeat him is to use Plant Food on and Iceberg Lettuce or Kernel-pult to prevent the zombie from vanishing. Avoid using Torchwoods when this zombie is frozen by an Iceberg Lettuces or the delay will be undone, and this zombie may vanish quickly when thawed. Fortunately, this zombie is not immune to the Chili Bean, so use it if the zombie is invisible and the player know where he's going.



  • The only way to kill him while he is invisible is to use a Chili Bean or either of Cryo-shroom's Plant Food effects, regardless he is costumed or not.
    • He cannot be killed by instant kills such as Jalapeno and Squash when he is invisible.
  • He has a bone sticking out of his arm, which is most likely unintentional.
  • Unlike the invisible zombies in Invisi-ghoul, Bandit Zombie's invisibility wears off.
    • The way Plantern's light turns this zombie visible again is similar to how Plantern's light shows the content of vases in Vasebreaker.
  • If Bandit Zombie is carrying Plant Food, even if he becomes invisible he will still be visible.
  • He is possibly based on the main character from Thief.
  • When he is dead while still in a state of invisibility, his head would fall but he would still have a head. The same thing applied to his arm. This was fixed in the 1.3.3 update.
  • He, Drinking Zombie, and Drinking Monk Zombie are the only zombies that drink a potion as a part of their ability.
    • Coincidentally, all three only appear in the Chinese version of the game.
  • He is one of the three zombies unique to the Chinese Dark Ages. The other two are Archmage Zombie and Cavalry Zombie.
  • His Almanac entry possibly references Wizard Zombie.
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