For the version in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, see Banana Launcher.

Banana Launcher is the fifth and the last plant obtained in Big Wave Beach of Plants vs. Zombies 2. The player can tap on it to arm it, then aim at any tile on the lawn to fire an explosive banana that deals 1200 damage per shot to all zombies in a 1x3 area. After firing, Banana Launcher will be disabled for 20 seconds before he can fire again.



Banana Launcher is based on the banana, a fruit produced by several kinds of large herbaceous flowering plants in the genus Musa. More specifically, Banana Launcher is based on a Dessert banana.

Banana Launcher's almanac flavor text references the idiom "Totally bananas", meaning "very crazy".

Almanac entry

Note: The stats shown below only apply to Level 1.

Banana Launcher


DAMAGE: 1200

AREA: Tile

FAMILY: Arma-mint

Banana Launchers can fire explosive bananas at any tile on the lawn.

Usage: tap to arm, tap on target tile to fire
Range: anywhere on lawn
Special: on impact, explodes in small area

It's important to avoid stereotyping as much as possible. Stereotypes are often flat-out wrong. And also hurtful. But honestly ... Banana Launcher is TOTALLY bananas.


Plant Food effect

Plant Food ability (animated)

When given Plant Food, he will launch four explosive bananas at random targets on the lawn. In the Chinese version, he will fire five bananas.

Arma-mint effect

When boosted by Arma-mint, Banana Launcher will do an additional 2000 DPS with its bananas, and its reload time will be decreased to two seconds.

Level upgrade

Level Seed Packets Coins Upgrades
Sun Cost Recharge (Fast) Toughness (Typical) Damage (Massive) Firing Rate (Slow) Area
1 0 0 500 5 seconds 300 dps 1200 dps 20 seconds Tile
2 10 1,000 475 5 seconds 350 dps 1250 dps 19 seconds
3 75 5,000 475 4.5 seconds 400 dps 1300 dps 18 seconds
4 200 10,000 450 4.5 seconds 450 dps 1400 dps 17 seconds
5 400 20,000 450 4 seconds 550 dps 1500 dps 16 seconds
6 750 30,000 425 4 seconds 600 dps 1600 dps 15 seconds
7 1,000 40,000 425 3.5 seconds 650 dps 1700 dps 14 seconds
8 1,250 50,000 400 3.5 seconds 700 dps 1800 dps 13 seconds
9 1,500 60,000 375 3 seconds 800 dps 1900 dps 13 seconds
10 2,000 75,000 350 3 seconds 900 dps 2000 dps 12 seconds

Level upgrade (China only)

Level Upgrades Description
LevelIcon2New.png Banana Launcher Upgrade 1.png
Reloads 25% faster.
Combat Training
Banana Launcher gains 50% more attack power and health (150% of initial).
LevelIcon3New.png Banana Launcher Upgrade 2.png
Fast Ramming
Reloads 50% faster.
Cell Activation
Banana Launcher gains another 50% more attack power and health (200% of initial).
LevelIcon4New.png AbilityAwakendIcon.png
Ability Awaken
Banana Launcher may be boosted when planted.
Fighting Power
Banana Launcher gains another 50% more attack power and health (250% of initial).
LevelIcon5New.png Banana Launcher Upgrade 3.png
Timing Missile
Banana Launcher has a chance to regenerate timing missiles that will be inserted into the ground after hitting the zombie and explode after an amount of time.
Fighting Power
Banana Launcher gains another 50% more attack power and health (300% of initial).

Costumed (China only)

He now launches five normal bananas and a flaming banana which creates an explosion that deals more damage.


Compared to other controllable plants, Banana Launcher is special in that the player is given the freedom to launch his payload on any tile on the screen, regardless of any possible obstruction between the plant and the designated position, similar to Missile Toe and Holly Barrier. This makes Banana Launcher excellent for eliminating high threat targets such as Zombie Kings, Fisherman Zombies, and Imp Cannons that would normally be heavily protected. His main weaknesses are his massive 500 sun cost and his slow reload, which makes him an impractical choice in normal levels.

In Big Wave Beach, Banana Launcher can be used as an improvised countermeasure against Octo Zombies. Not only is it capable of neutralizing them before they can throw their octopi, if the player is fast enough, he can also destroy thrown octopi from anywhere and free the trapped plant. The latter is not recommended, though, as Banana Launcher takes much longer to recharge than the time taken for the Octo Zombie to throw another octopus, even when the zombie is slowed.

Banana Launcher's high damage capability makes him a powerful artillery weapon: Most high health zombies such as Knight Zombies, Blockhead Zombies, Mecha-Football Zombies, and Cavalry Zombies can only survive up to two bananas, while certain Gargantuars can take up to three (Jurassic Gargantuar take up to 5 hits). His projectile can not be deflected by any means, so Banana Launcher is effective against Jester Zombies and Parasol Zombies.

Another strategy is to use Banana Launcher with plants that can clump zombies together: Sweet Potato, Garlic, Chard Guard, Hurrikale and Thyme Warp are all capable of funneling or clumping the horde together, which allows Banana Launcher to hit more enemies. It's also a good idea to use blocking plants such as Tall-nuts and Primal Wall-nuts to give Banana Launcher time to recharge.

Arma-mint can be used to allow the Banana Launcher to greatly accelerate his reload.

Related achievement

Banana Storm2.png
Banana Storm
Complete a Beach level using only Banana Launchers to destroy zombies


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  • He cannot be planted on minecarts, due to issues associated with a tap either moving the mine cart, or activating the target of Banana Launcher. If the player tries to plant him on a minecart, the game will say "Bananas are too slippery for minecarts." Additionally, since he can target anything anywhere, a minecart with him is a waste of space.
  • In Big Wave Beach - Day 23, the player can launch a banana from the Banana Launcher while viewing the lawn from the seed selection screen. However, his sprite will become bugged and doesn't change.
  • Banana Launcher is one of the few plants that talk, saying "Banana" when firing normally and saying "ba-ba-ba Banana" when using Plant Food.
  • The player used to be able to destroy graves using Banana Launcher on any Last Stand level before tapping "Let's Rock". However, it is no longer possible after the 3.1.1 update.
    • The player was also able to fire bananas after the level has ended and the reward has dropped. This was also fixed in the 3.1.1 update.
  • His eyes are red and straight in the bingo card while his in-game appearance has brown eyes and they are crossed. His smile in the bingo card is also different from the one he has in-game.
  • His costume has the same design as the pajamas on the characters in Bananas in Pyjamas, despite being a beach towel.
  • If he launches a banana at the very second that the level is completed, his sprite will become bugged and doesn't change.
  • In the Chinese version, when fed with Plant Food, he will make firework noises when it launches its bananas.
    • He also dealt damage in a 3x3 area in the Chinese version, but this was fixed in the 1.4.2 update.
  • In the almanac in the Chinese version, there's a glitch that when you click on Banana Launcher Level 4 and Guacodile at the same time, you will see that Banana Launcher's banana will be seen in Guacodile action.

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