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Bamboo Shoots

Bamboo Shoots is a Rare Shooter plant and the first new plant unlocked in Plants vs. Zombies 3. They cost 7 sun, and their ability is to slowly shoot missiles in their lane, dealing heavy damage to the zombie they hit.

They are meant to teach the player about the game's Threat mechanic, especially as a counter to Armored Zombies.


This plant is based on the bamboo shoot. Their name is a portmanteau on bamboo shoots, literally meaning a bamboo that shoots in this case. It also means the literal meaning at the same time, due to there being 2 bamboo shoots.

Their Tacobility references shrapnel, which are leftover pieces of an explosive once it blows up.


Since Bamboo Shoots is a 7-cost plant, they are hard to get into play, and as such, should not be relied on too much as your main defense. Their explosive shots are especially effective against Armored zombies, so if there are many of them, it is suggested to bring Bamboo Shoots into combat.

Their slow attacking speed may lead them to being easily swarmed by faster zombies such as the Power Walker, Imp, and especially Zombie Chickens, and they are especially terrible against flying zombies such as the Zombie Pigeon. As such, their high damage may be appealing, but when you get to higher floors in the Devour Tower and meet tougher and more unique threats, they become less reliant. As such, assisting them with plants like Wall-nut or Lightning Reed is always a good idea.

Their Plant Food ability is very effective, as it allows heavy damage to a target and zombies in a 3x3 area. This can be effective for taking down high-priority threats such as the Gargantuar.

Their Tacobility is more effective for taking out groups of zombies clustered together, making it better at swarms, but most strategies with Bamboo Shoot still apply, along with the weaknesses.


  • Bamboo Shoots will occasionally stare at the player with a scarred eye. In most of the Pre-Alpha, this did not happen.
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