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Bamboo Shoot was a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. He lobbed shells that exploded upon impact. He was the 2nd most powerful projectile shooting plant in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures after his VIP version. The player got him after reclaiming The Bamboo Lot. His VIP version was the Bamboom.


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He is based on the bamboo, an evergreen perennial flowering plant in the subfamily Bambuseae of the grass family Poaceae.  The name itself is a pun on "bamboo shoot", the edible shoot of many bamboo species; with the "shoot" part referring to Bamboo Shoot's attack method.

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He's seen a lot battling zombies. Oh, he could tell you some stories. One time, whoa. It was nuts.



  • He was the most expensive non-VIP plant by sun-cost in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures.
  • The explosive shell was not actually visible until it reached the peak of the arc, as it spawned in midair.
  • There is a glitch where using Plant Perk on him can cause him to fire perked shells. Another glitch has him fire Jalapeños, instead of shells. The effect is still the same though, high damage on one tile. This also happens with his VIP version.
  • He was one of the few plants with a confirmed gender in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, being male.
  • He and his VIP counterpart were the only lobbed-shot plants in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures.
  • He, Chilly Pepper, and Bamboom had the longest time to harvest.
  • A.K.E.E. works very similarly to this plant, having the same sun cost and attack style.
  • He, along with Flaming Pea, were the only plants exclusive to Plants vs. Zombies Adventures to appear in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

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