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Ballerina Zombie (芭蕾舞僵尸, pinyin: bālěiwǔ jiāngshī), is the third unique zombie to appear in Renaissance Age in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. She appears in groups of four zombies (similar to Zombie Bobsled Team), moves quickly and can change lanes. Oil Olive can be used to make her slip, stunning her temporarily.


Wilma Haydee Giglio - Coppelia, Swanilda-Prix de Lausanne 2010-4

She is based on the ballet dancer, a person who practices the art of classical ballet.

Almanac entry

芭蕾舞僵尸 (Ballerina Zombie)

SPEED: Speedy


“旋转, 跳跃, 我闭着眼”芭蕾舞僵尸最喜欢这首歌了 。

    In English:

    There will be four zombies dance at the same time, and they will change their course while dancing.

    "Spin, jump, I close my eyes". Ballerina Zombie likes this song the most.


These zombies can be quite a threat, appearing in groups of four, and can suddenly switch lanes, allowing them to evade attacks and make it far into the lawn. If the player sees this zombie in the seed selection, it is recommended that the player pick Oil Olive or some other type of plant that will be able to apprehend them, stunting their progress. Plants such as Fume-shroom will be able to damage them all at the same time, making quick work of them.



  • The song mentioned in almanac entry is "Dancing Diva" (Chinese: 舞孃) by Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai, which is famous in China.

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