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Bad Hair Day - Level 2 is the second level of the Bad Hair Day event in Penny's Pursuit. It takes place in Modern Day, and is very similar to Modern Day - Day 8. It has new objectives and zombie swaps, similar to other Penny's Pursuit levels. In addition to the zombie swaps, there are also some newly added zombies.


Being a Beghouled level, the difficulty mostly depends on how fast the player can swipe. The zombies themselves pose not much of a threat alone, but when grouped with other zombies, they can easily plow through the pre-planted defenses.

Bonus Objectives

In Penny's Pursuit, levels have bonus objectives that can be completed to level up Penny Perks.

  • Defeat 125 zombies in 60 seconds (Bonus Objective)


  • Stage 0 (0-29 matches): Basic Zombie2 Conehead Zombie2 Buckethead Zombie2
  • Stage 1 (30-69 matches): Roman Zombie2 Roman Conehead2 Roman Buckethead2 Roman Shield Zombie2 (triad)
  • Stage 2 (70-99 matches): Buckethead Zombie2 Newspaper Zombie2 Roman Conehead2 Centurion Zombie2 Roman Shield Zombie2 (triad)

Plant upgrades

Base Plant Upgrade 1 Cost Upgrade 2 Cost
Peashooter2 Fire Peashooter2 2000 sun
Repeater2 2000 sun Threepeater2 4000 sun
Wall-nut2 Tall-nut2 1000 sun
Endurian2 1000 sun
Cabbage-pult2 Pepper-pult2 2000 sun
Melon-pult2 2500 sun Winter Melon2 5000 sun
Snapdragon2 Cold Snapdragon2 2000 sun
Lightning Reed2 Laser Bean2

2000 sun


For a walkthrough of this level in Mild Difficulty, click here.

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