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Backup Dancer is a zombie in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. Like in the first game, he is summoned by the Disco Zombie. It has health similar to Conehead Zombies. Unlike its appearance in the original Plants vs. Zombies, it does not stick near the Disco Zombie and can move independently, even when the Disco Zombie is still unvanquished. However, it does remain similar to his original appearance by always dancing while moving, even when attacking. It also remains similar to his original design. As of the Legends of the Lawn DLC, he became a Spawnable Zombie. Its attack is Disco Munch and Hard Rock Toss. Each attack deals 25 damage.

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Four Backup Dancers behind a Disco Zombie.


The Backup Dancer munches with the best of them. Just don't tell him disco's dead.



Backup Dancers have 100 health, their health does not change on higher difficulties.



Backup Dancers can be considered a slight upgrade from the Browncoat Zombie, as its attack does 25 damage as opposed to the Browncoat's 15 damage and he has 125 health as opposed to the Browncoat's 30, 40, 50, or 60 health depending on the variant. Use it as you would with a Browncoat i.e. using them as distractions and to help capture the garden.


Vanquish it in a similar way as you would with a Browncoat, but remember that its damage and health is slightly buffed, so be careful.


Specific to Garden Warfare 2

  • In the zombie mission "You Are Cordially Invited...", there is a Backup Dancer called Tony Boloney, who challenges the player to a dance off in order to reveal where the door to Dr. Zomboss' secret lair is. However, Tony goes first and injures himself doing the splits, and then tells the player to go see Barth.
    • While dancing, Tony Boloney reuses Disco Zombie's sound effects.
    • Also, in the zombie mission "The Bean Situation", a Backup Dancer (possibly Tony Boloney) helps the zombies defeat Super Bean.
    • In the L.E.A.F. mission Boom Tombs, they can be seen with the Disco Zombie near the Multiplayer Portal.
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