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A plague has swept this era.
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Astro-Goop Zombie was a zombie in Plants vs. Zombies Online that was encountered in Far Future. Every time it passed two tiles, it attacked plants by shooting goop at them three tiles in front of it, which slowly damaged them. This goop could be countered by Ganoderma.

Almanac entry




伤害: 较慢
冷却时间: 中等

    In English: Astro-Goop Zombie

    A zombie with biological and chemical weapons.
    Get an antidote, quick!

    Tower defense:

    A non-mechanical zombie that shoots goop in front of it, which damages plants!

    Speed: Stiff
    Toughness: Protected


The main purpose of this zombie's ability is to get rid of your attack plants as quick as possible, so using melee attack plants to counter this is not a good idea. Far-ranged attack plants, especially Laser Bean, should be used first. Wide-ranged melee plants like Snapdragon or Bruce Bamboo can be used for support in other lanes after. The player can also use defensive plants to block it before it is in the attack plants' range.



  • It was unusual in that it had a space helmet, as zombies do not need to breathe.
    • This point is similar to Snorkel Zombie. However, Snorkel Zombie had a snorkel because of peer pressure according to his Almanac entry.
  • It appears to be wearing the hat of a Dark Ages Zombie under its helmet.
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