"Welcome to Chomper's Pizza! You can use rocket pack to make deliveries, it's more fun that way!"

Assistant Manager Bitey

Assistant Manager Bitey is a playable character in the Delivery Quests released in the Trouble in Zombopolis: Part Two DLC. The player is required to race through various checkpoints in each quest in an effort to deliver Chomper Pizza to the respective plant that ordered them. Completing each quest rewards the player with coins which increase along with the difficulty as new delivery quests are unlocked. Upon completing the 10 quests given to the player, the long-awaited Delivery Badge will be awarded. Assistant Manager Bitey can use his jetpack to double-jump in a similar way to the Imp. His attack is called the Pizza Bites.

Primary weapon

Assistant Manager Bitey's primary weapon is called Pizza Bites. It allows Bitey to fire a high speed slice of pizza at zombie bots that get in the way, as well as Gnome Targets that momentarily freeze the players time quota.


Center abilities
Dough TossGW2.png
Dough Toss
Assistant Manager Bitey's jetpack spits out blue flames, boosting him to heights he would never have reached before.



  • He is one of the two Chompers to shoot a projectile as its normal attack. The other is Yeti Chomper.
    • Unlike the Yeti Chomper, Assistant Manager Bitey's projectile flies straight instead of lobbed.
  • He is the only plant in Garden Warfare 2 capable of double-jumping.
  • This Chomper can eat zombies from behind, but no sound will be played.
  • If this Chomper collects money, the player's money balance will actually go down.
  • The same smoke that can be seen when a zombie is regularly Goatified appears when a plant turns into Assistant Manager Bitey at the start of a Delivery Mission.
  • If vanquished, this plant explodes into purple smoke (the same smoke that can be seen when a zombie is Goatified), and the same smoke that appears when a plant turns into Assistant Manager Bitey at the start of a Delivery Mission.
  • This is the only playable plant character that has only one ability.
  • There used to be a glitch that let a player play as this character normally in the Backyard Battleground. The same applies to Zomburger Artist.
  • His sentences are grammatically incorrect.
  • His speed and running animation are the same as the Hot Rod Chomper's speed boost after he has eaten a zombie, and/or the speed of a plant/zombie with the speed-boost Crazy Setting enabled.
    • All Chompers have this running animation if the speed-boost Crazy Setting is enabled.
  • He wears a jetpack very similar to the Jump Jet organic for the Chomper.
    • However, this jetpack has two jets, and the Jump Jet only has one.
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