Battlez is a game mode in Plants vs. Zombies 2 that was introduced in the 6.6.1 update. This mode can be unlocked after getting the Map of Space-Time-Ness from Ancient Egypt - Day 1 and requires to get at least six plants to unlock.

To start a match, the player has to pay one Gauntlet. Gauntlets can be bought with gems. However, every four hours, the player receives a free play. Two free Gauntlets per day can be obtained by watching ads.

When an opponent is found, the player needs to choose five plants, with the first slot reserved for the plant of the week. Once the plants are chosen, the player is set in the Last Stand format, then after setting-up, the "battle" begins. The player gains points based on the distance the zombies are away from the house. On default, 500 is the most for a single zombie and 100 being the least. However, higher scores can be obtained as the game continues.

This mode is time-based, and as the time decreases the zombies get stronger and stronger, to a point where they could withstand multiple instant-kill plants. The faster the player kills the harder and more the zombies will be. Winning a match of Battlez is brought about by getting a higher score than your opponent, and grants the player five Crowns, whereas losing a match only yields one Crown. If the player breaks a streak, they can pay ten gems to retain it, with the cost increasing by ten per retain.

Each week, there will be a different type of tournament that the player will have to compete in. Each type of tournament has its own way of changing the gameplay (the change can be quite minor, however). For example, a tournament can shorten the time it takes for a match to finish.

Also, this mode also has several different leagues; the player gets promoted if they place top 3 in their league by having a number of Crowns higher than all but two other players in their league. If they are placed in one of the last three spots, they will be demoted to the league before that one (This is not the case in the lower leagues, where special methods are required to be demoted). Several gems, mints and coins are rewarded in promotions.

It has been noted that this mode does appear to be lacking a "real" matchmaking feature that pairs you with another player fairly. There have been reports of people that had low-leveled plants to still be paired with a person with max-level plants or still high-level plants.

Maximum promotion rewards

League Mint Rewards Gem Rewards Coin Rewards
Jade 120 270 9000
Gold 100 210 6000
Silver 80 165 5400
Bronze 60 132 4800
Iron 50 108 4200
Brick 40 90 3600
Wood 30 75 3000
Soil 20 60 2400

Featured Power Mint

Mint Schedule Tournaments that occured within this schedule
Fila-mint2 May 1, 2018 - May 29, 2018 •Electric Peashooter's Warped Tournament •Lightning Reed's Brainstorm Tournament •Electric Currant’s Garden Party Tournament •Electric Blueberry’s Brainstorm Tournament
Reinforce-mint2 May 30, 2018 - ??? •Cold Snapdragon's Escalating Tournament •Solar Tomato's Warped Tournament

Tournament list

Tournament Featured plant Restricted plants* Duration Zombies Starting sun Special mechanics Surprise attacks Schedule
Gold Bloom's Garden Party Tournament Gold Bloom2 N/A 3:00 Basic Zombie2Conehead Zombie2Buckethead Zombie2Brickhead Zombie2Peasant Flag Zombie2Imp Cannon2Imp Pirate Zombie2Chicken Wrangler Zombie2Zombie Chicken2Octo Zombie2Sloth Gargantuar2Yeti Imp2Jurassic Rockpuncher2 750 N/A N/A March 14, 2018-March 20, 2018
Caulipower's Escalating Tournament Caulipower2 N/A 3:00 Adventurer Zombie2Conehead Adventurer Zombie2Buckethead Adventurer Zombie2Peasant Flag Zombie2Barrelhead Zombie2Blastronaut Zombie2Jester Zombie2Parasol Zombie2Lost Pilot Zombie2Surfer Zombie2Jurassic Gargantuar2Jurassic Imp2 750 N/A Parachute Rain! Lost Pilot Zombie2 March 21, 2018-March 27, 2018
Dandelion's Brainstorm Tournament Dandelion2 N/A 3:00 Jurassic Zombie2Jurassic Conehead2Peasant Flag Zombie2Seagull Zombie2Pelican Zombie2Jetpack Zombie2Blastronaut Zombie2Bug Zombie2Adventurer Zombie2Balloon Zombie2 350 Speed potions N/A March 28, 2018-April 3, 2018
Power Lily's Garden Party Tournament Power Lily2 N/A 3:00 Peasant Zombie2Conehead Peasant2Buckethead Peasant2Knight Zombie2Peasant Flag Zombie2Torchlight Zombie2Zombie King2Dodo Rider Zombie2Hair Metal Gargantuar2Impunk2 750 Minecarts N/A April 4, 2018-April 10, 2018
Wasabi Whip's Blitz Tournament Wasabi Whip2 N/A 1:30 Peasant Flag Zombie2Imp Cannon2Imp Pirate Zombie2Bug Bot Imp2Imp Monk Zombie2Imp Mermaid Zombie2Yeti Imp2Dodo Rider Zombie2Lost City Imp Zombie2Impunk2Jurassic Imp2 1500 T. Rex2 Bot Swarm! Bug Bot Imp2 April 11, 2018-April 17, 2018
Explode-O-Nut's All-Out Tournament Explode-O-Nut2 Hypno-shroom2Shrinking Violet2Witch Hazel2Caulipower2 3:00 Peasant Flag Zombie2Pyramid-Head Zombie2Tomb Raiser Zombie2Swashbuckler Zombie2Pirate Captain Zombie2Zombie Parrot2Prospector Zombie2Disco-tron 30002Disco Jetpack Zombie2Jester Zombie2Wizard Zombie2Blockhead Zombie2Weasel Hoarder2Ice Weasel2Parasol Zombie2Hair Metal Gargantuar2Impunk2Sunday Edition Zombie2 5000 Slider tile, frozen Wizard Zombie2 (2) Raiding Party! Swashbuckler Zombie2 April 18, 2018-April 24, 2018
Bombegranate's Garden Party Tournament Bombegranate2 N/A 3:00 Mummy Zombie2Conehead Mummy2Buckethead Mummy2Pyramid-Head Zombie2Peasant Flag Zombie2Camel Zombies2Mummified Gargantuar2Imp Mummy2Explorer Zombie2Tomb Raiser Zombie2Pharaoh Zombie2 750 Dark Ages gravestones, Ancient Egypt gravestones Sandstorm! Mummy Zombie2Conehead Mummy2Buckethead Mummy2Pyramid-Head Zombie2Explorer Zombie2Tomb Raiser Zombie2Pharaoh Zombie2 April 25, 2018-May 1, 2018
Electric Peashooter's Warped Tournament Electric Peashooter2 Sunflower2Twin Sunflower2Sun-shroom2Sun Bean2Toadstool2Primal Sunflower2Moonflower2Gold Bloom2Solar Tomato2 3:00 Peasant Flag Zombie2Gargantuar2Imp2Tomb Raiser Zombie2Barrel Roller Zombie2Imp Pirate Zombie2Imp Cannon2Jester Zombie2Hunter Zombie2-Excavator Zombie2Turquoise Skull Zombie2+Surfer Zombie2 3000 Dark Ages gravestones, Ancient Egypt gravestones, occassional mass-sun drop N/A May 2, 2018-May 8 2018
Lightning Reed's Brainstorm Tournament Lightning Reed2 N/A 3:00 Pirate Zombie2Conehead Pirate2Buckethead Pirate2Peasant Flag Zombie2Pirate Captain Zombie2Zombie Parrot2Prospector Zombie2Wizard Zombie2Imp Dragon Zombie2Yeti Imp2Weasel Hoarder2Ice Weasel2Impunk2 650 (or more if pre-placed Electric Peashooter2 are shoveled up) 3 pre-placed Electric Peashooter2 Sandstorm! Pirate Zombie2Conehead Pirate2Buckethead Pirate2Pirate Captain Zombie2Weasel Hoarder2Wizard Zombie2Impunk2Yeti Imp2Imp Dragon Zombie2 May 9, 2018-May 15. 2018
Electric Currant’s Garden Party Tournament Electric Currant2 N/A 3:00 Cowboy Zombie2Conehead Cowboy2Buckethead Cowboy2Cart-Head Zombie2Peasant Flag Zombie2Gargantuar2Imp2Camel Zombies2Mummy Zombie2Imp Cannon2Imp Pirate Zombie2Pianist Zombie2 750 Slider tile, minecarts N/A May 16, 2018-May 22, 2018
Electric Blueberry’s Brainstorm Tournament Electric Blueberry2 N/A 3:00 Neon Zombie2Neon Conehead2Neon Buckethead2Peasant Flag Zombie2Zombie Bull2Zombie Bull Rider2Gargantuar Prime2Bug Bot Imp2Turquoise Skull Zombie2Jurassic Gargantuar2Jurassic Imp2All-Star Zombie2Super-Fan Imp2 750 Dave's mold colonies N/A May 23, 2018-May 29, 2018
Cold Snapdragon's Escalating Tournament Cold Snapdragon2 Holly Barrier2 3:00 Bikini Zombie2Peasant Flag Zombie2Mummified Gargantuar2Imp Mummy2Explorer Zombie2Torchlight Zombie2Barrel Roller Zombie2Imp Pirate Zombie2Prospector Zombie2Parasol Zombie2Glitter Zombie2 750 N/A N/A May 30, 2018-June 5, 2018
Solar Tomato's Warped Tournament Solar Tomato2 Sunflower2Twin Sunflower2Sun-shroom2Primal Sunflower2Moonflower2 3:00 Mummy Zombie2Conehead Mummy2Buckethead Mummy2Pyramid-Head Zombie2Pirate Captain Zombie2Rodeo Legend Zombie2Parasol Zombie2Deep Sea Gargantuar2 750 Sun Bombs, portals N/A June 5, 2018-June 12, 2018

*Plants that are normally restricted, such as Gold Leaf and Lily Pad are excluded.

+ and - : They swap everyday.





  • According to a PopCap community manager (referred to Haemophilus EA on Reddit), the player is not actually fighting against other players in real-time, rather, just "ghosts". The score progression seen in gameplay is just a replay of the "ghost" player's previous Battlez round.
    • Other affirmations that support this are:
      • You can spend infinite time on the pause menu, Choose Your Seeds screen, and the Last Stand defense preparation stage.
      • The Turbo Button can be used.
      • There is no feature in which time must be synchronized with the other player due to lag, pausing the game, or the Turbo Button.
    • A list of over 9900 names for these "ghost" opponents may also be found here.
  • When tapping on the Battlez icon, the Dark Ages Zomboss Battle intro plays, along with the boss music.
  • When being awarded for winning a match, no extra Crowns are given for obtaining higher scores or beating your opponent by ???%.
  • This is the only mode in the game where zombies cannot eat your brains. This is because when a lawn mower is activated, it is automatically regenerated. If a zombie somehow manages to reach your house, it will get instantly killed.
  • All upgrades, except for Wall-nut First Aid, Instant Recharge and Mower Launch, are disabled on Battlez.
    • Also, plants that are boosted in the Zen Garden will not have their boost in this mode.
  • The player does not get points for the zombies destroyed by lawn mowers.
    • However, it scores points when it destroys a surfboard.
  • World exclusive plants cannot be used in this mode.
    • Wasabi Whip’s Blitz Tournament is one of the four levels/battles where dinosaurs appear outside of Jurassic Marsh. The others are Modern Day - Days 12, 26 and 29.
      • Perfume-shroom still cannot be used in those levels/battles even knowing there are dinosaurs in them.
  • Unlike in Modern Day, Neon Mixtape Tour zombies in this mode do not have their jam abilities.
  • In the textures for the trophies that identify for each league, there appears to be an unused crystal-like trophy.
  • The setting in this mode is the same as Player's House and Modern Day worlds, but in the style of Dark Ages.
  • Removing armor and destroying gravestones score points.
  • If the player manages to defeat all the zombies before the time runs out, the results screen will pop up, despite the amount of time remaining.
  • Lightning Reed’s Brainstorm Tournament is the first tournament where the special plant is a free plant.
  • The player can obtain extra starting sun in Lightning Reed’s Brainstorm Tournament by shoveling up the three pre-placed Electric Peashooters.
  • Sometimes, in Electric Currant's Garden Party tournament, if a zombie is killed over a rail (see Minecart and rail) , very few points will be given, that is, the points that would be obtained in the lowest scoring zone, even if the rail was in the highest scoring zone.
  • In Electric Blueberry's Brainstorm Tournament, if a kicked Super-Fan Imp lands on one of Dave's mold colonies, it will blow up, scoring points according to where it landed. The points will only be scored after it has disintegrated.
  • Starting from the Golden League, a player will not gain any crown upon surrendering. But he will still gain 1 crown if defeated when the time is up

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