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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.

Arbiter-X (仲裁者-X型; pinyin: zhòngcái zhě-X xíng) is the eleventh zombie encountered in Sky City in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. It takes up three lanes, makes zombies around it and somehow all zombies in all lanes behind it transparent, making them unable to be seen or hit by plants, but unlike Bandit Zombie, they can still be seen by the player. Additionally, when it reaches the player's ship, it will kamikaze it, both dealing huge damage to it and destroying the plants in the third lane.


Its name and ability bears a strong resemblance to Protoss Arbiter, a judicator-class support unit.

Almanac entry

仲裁者-X型 (Arbiter-X)

SPEED: Hungry

发动隐形光束, 使身后的僵尸进入隐形状态


    In English:

    Creates an invisibility light that makes zombies behind him invisible.

    Accompanied by the construction of the Sky City, Dr. Zomboss spent a large sum of his money to import Arbiter Planes. After three days and 3 nights of experiments and his hair burnt 10 times by strong electricity, The Arbiter-X is invented! Yes, a mysterious plane that intrigues countless zombies. It is said that it can give the Zombies the feeling of long-lost safety.


This is much like Glitter Zombie, except that he has much more health, does not require a jam to use its ability, and also protects all zombies around him from plants' sight as well as behind himself. A Lantern Cherry will enable the hidden zombies to be visible to plants so they can attack them, but seed slots are usually too valuable for this and there are no area-of-effect aerial plants, so it would not help much. Additionally, the Arbiter-X does not hide itself and can still be attacked when his force field is intact. Level 2 Kiwifruits can destroy It easily. Saucer Squash can be used, as it will stop the Arbiter-X from moving temporarily, allowing the other zombies behind to go in front of him, eventually making them vulnerable to the other plants' attacks.

Air Raid

An Arbiter-X will appear as the final boss of the Air Raid Brain Buster, and will be first accompanied by Flying Buckethead and Conehead Zombies. Destroy them as fast as possible as they will make the fight more dangerous. While he seems easy at first, once he reaches half health, he will start to throw bullet patterns that have narrower leeways than your plane and will be virtually impossible if the player is low on health. If the player does not defeat him as fast as possible, he will cause the player to spend countless gems on continues.



  • In Arbiter-X's Almanac entry, it says that Dr. Zomboss fried his hair ten times while completing the design of the Arbiter-X. However, Dr. Zomboss does not have any hair.

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