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An example of a complete Aquarium Garden

The Aquarium Garden is the third Zen Garden. This garden can house only three plants: Lily Pad, Tangle Kelp, and Sea-shroom; all the aquatic plants except for Cattail.

It can be bought for $30,000 at Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies. Like the Mushroom Garden, it can hold up to eight plants. Until the aquatic plants are moved there, they are placed in Aqua Pots. They cannot be fully grown or made happy until they are moved there. In the Aquarium Garden, plants do not need to be watered.


A plant moving to the Aquarium Garden.

Related achievements

Collect all Zen Garden, Mushroom Garden, and Aquarium Garden plants.
Green fingers.png
Grow 10 Zen Garden plants to full size.
Raise 10 plants to full growth in the Zen Garden.


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In other languages

Language Name Description
United States of America English Aquarium Garden
China Simplified Chinese 水族馆
Traditional Chinese 水族館
France French Jardin aquatique
Germany German Aquarium-Garten
Italy Italian Aquario
Japan Japanese 水槽ガーデン
Spain Spanish Jardín de Setas


  • The Aquarium may be a reference to the first level of Insaniquarium, another game made by PopCap because both include a diver helmet on the right and a cave structure on the left.
  • Unlike the Mushroom Garden, the Aquarium Garden doesn't have enough plants that require this garden to fill up the whole Aquarium, due to there being only four aquatic plants, with only three being able to be planted.
  • The Aquarium Garden is also used as the background for Zombiquarium.
    • This makes it the only Zen Garden area to be used in a regular mini-game.
  • Sea-shroom can be "happy" here, suggesting the Aquarium Garden is at night or a timeless setting.