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Aqua Center is a map in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. It was added in the Graveyard Variety Pack DLC. It was first shown in the trailer to be Garden Center from the first game, but taken over by the Zombies, as everything has an undead look to it.

The "Caroline's Garden Center" found in the middle of the map has been transformed into both an aquarium for zombie fish and a weapons store that sells marine-themed zombie weaponry (such as the Dolphin Gun), which is called the "Fish N' Clips Aquarium".

Game modes in which it appears


Out with the stinky Garden Center, in with Aqua Center for Zombies! Your one-stop shop for dolphin blasters, sonar shots, shark lasers, and fancy fish!



  • It is currently one of the only maps in the game with no Golden Gnomes, with the others being Zombopolis, Frontline Flats, and Wall-nut Hills.
  • The arcades in this map refer to the Plants vs. Zombies Pinball table.
  • "Fish 'n Clips" is a portmanteau of "fish and chips," a popular European dish, and "clips," the device that stores multiple rounds of ammunition in a firearm.
  • This is the second map from the first game which had been taken over by the zombies, the first was Zomburbia .
  • In the map's description, it names the primary weapons of three aqua-themed characters; the Marine Biologist (Dolphin Blaster), the Scuba Soldier (Sonar Shot) and Captain Sharkbite (Shark Laser).
  • There is a movie billboard that portrays "Don't go in the Garden", which happens to be taken directly from the Plants vs. Zombies vs. the Movies 2014 calendar.
  • By using the low gravity Crazy Setting and Imp's double-jump, it is possible to get near the cannons and launch yourself out of the normally inaccessible cannons on top of a building.
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