This item is only obtainable during certain events. However, it can still be used if you have already obtained it. It is currently not available.

Appease-mint is a Power Mint plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2. When planted, he launches a volley of huge peas that break into smaller peas upon contact with a zombie. He can also boost any Appease-mint Family plants on the lawn by increasing the effectiveness of their properties, such as damage. 

Appease-mint Family plants include: 

Like other Power Mints, Appease-mint cannot be imitated or affected by other mints. He remains on the lawn for 6 seconds.

Appease-mint can be purchased from the Store with 100 mints while he is available.



He is based on the "Lamiaceae", also known as mint; as well as the pea plant (Pisum sativum).

His name is a portmanteau of "appeasement," meaning "the action or process of appeasing," "pea (as seen by his description, appearance, and ability)," and "mint."

Almanac entry

Note: The stats shown below only apply to Level 1.




FAMILY: Appease-mint

Appease-mints fire a volley of huge peas that break into smaller peas and provide a temporary boost to all Appease-mint Family plants on the lawn.

Appease-mint Family plants:

Bowling Bulb
Pea Pod
Primal Peashooter
Red Stinger
Split Pea

Appease-mint takes great umbrage at the notion that he might back down from a fight. "Yes, my name is 'Appease-mint,' but that has more to do with my affinity towards peas than any disinclination to stand up for my beliefs. Rescind your vile calumny this instant, lest I compose a blistering letter of outrage!"

Appease-mint boosts

While boosted by Appease-mint, the following plants gain the following effects:

  • Bowling Bulb will do an additional 80/240/360 DPS with its small, medium, and large bulbs respectively. It'll also regrow its bulbs in reverse order, starting with the largest bulb.
  • Dandelion will do an additional 200 DPS. Its splash damage will not be affected by Appease-mint.
  • Pea Pod will do an additional 150 DPS per pea.
  • Peashooter will do an additional 150 DPS.
  • Primal Peashooter will do an additional 120 DPS.
  • Red Stinger will do an additional 200 DPS per petal while in the back three columns, or an additional 150 DPS in the middle three columns. Additionally, he will absorb an additional 2500 DPS while in the front three columns.
  • Repeater will do an additional 120 DPS per pea.
  • Rotobaga will do an additional 150 DPS per rutabaga.
  • Starfruit will do an additional 175 DPS per star.
  • Split Pea will do an additional 175 DPS both forwards and backwards.
  • Threepeater will do an additional 120 DPS per pea.
  • Torchwood will do an additional 100 DPS for its close-ranged attack and an additional 900 DPS for its lane-wide defeat attack.
  • Tumbleweed will do an additional 105 DPS when he collides with a zombie. Additionally, his bonus tumbleweed count is increased to 2, his bonus tumbleweed chance is increased by 35%. Finally, tumbleweed will knock zombies back for about 2.25 tiles and his knockback chance is increased to 90% while boosted.


Level upgrades

Note that Appease-mint's recharge is 30 seconds shorter during the Improve-mint event.

Level Seed Packets Upgrades
Recharge Duration Toughness Damage Projectile
1 0 0 85 seconds 6 seconds 100000 dps 10 dps 3 6
2 100 80 seconds 7 seconds 20 dps 3 6
3 150 80 seconds 8 seconds 30 dps 3 6
4 200 75 seconds 9 seconds 40 dps 4 6
5 300 75 seconds 10 seconds 50 dps 4 7
6 400 75 seconds 11 seconds 60 dps 4 7
7 500 70 seconds 12 seconds 70 dps 5 7
8 600 70 seconds 13 seconds 80 dps 5 8
9 800 70 seconds 14 seconds 90 dps 5 8
10 1,000 60 seconds 15 seconds 100 dps 5 8

*Appease-mint's Projectiles launch smaller projectiles when they hit a zombie for the first time.


Appease-mint is a good choice in peashooter-based strategies as his boosts can often clear out entire waves of zombies. In particular, Bowling Bulb is a good choice, since he will cause Bowling Bulb to prioritize recharging the orange bulb, while also boosting the damage he deals. Bowling Bulb also has relatively cheap splash damage with a quick recharge, so he is easy to amass. Threepeater is another viable alternative, as its boosted peas deal a good amount of damage.

However, Appease-mint has a lot of weaknesses. Do not use Appease-mint in Dark Ages as mushrooms mostly suit this no sun environment and Appease-mint's peas can be interrupted by Tombstones and deflected by Jester Zombie. In addition, Appease-mint shouldn't be used against Excavator Zombies as their shovels can block Appease-mint's shots and he can easily shovel up Appease-mint plants.

It is not recommended to bring Appease-mint to levels where you can't lose plants since he will disappear after a while.


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