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A plague has swept this era.
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Level 2-8-4 was the third Advanced level of Ancient Egypt in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It was a "Mummy Memory" level, in which the player would play a Mummy Memory level and get their points subtracted if a zombie trample the flowers or when the player flipped the camouflages. The player would have been ranked with other online players by points and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd ranked players would get huge prizes.


  • The level takes a long time. The player needs to either have a good memory or act quick if he/she wants to get higher points. Nevertheless, like the normal version, the level is still rather simplistic. Again, just remember to keep track of which symbol is with which camel sign and be sure to prioritize destroying the symbols closer to the house.


  • Click on the zombies quickly, preferably the ones closer to the left to kill them.
  • Try to remember the symbols and match them with the correct ones to lower the number of times you flip the camouflages in order to end the level with a high score.
  • Act quickly if a zombie is about to trample the flowers, as each zombie doing that will subtract you 100 points, while each time flipping a camouflage only subtract you 1 point.



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