A plague has swept this era.
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Ancient Egypt - Level 6-1 was the sixth main levels of Ancient Egypt in Plants vs. Zombies Online. This level introduced the Desert Death Zombie. When this level was completed for the first time, the player would get two Wall-nut Puzzle Pieces.


  • This level is one of the hardest levels of Ancient Egypt. The huge waves of zombies that appear in this level usually contain very dangerous threats, such as Explorer Zombies and Pharaoh Zombies, especially the very long final wave, where they escalate for a long period of time. The player should plant powerful plants, especially Bruce Bamboo, multi-attacking plants and area-of-effect plants.
  • Because of the quicksand and Desert Death Zombie, the player must prepare for the lane it appears, as zombies will come much more quicker with it. The player's defenses are at risk as there are up to two lanes of quicksand, both being fairly close to the player's house.


  • Start normally. Have at least 5 Twin Sunflowers. Delay the zombies with Iceberg Lettuces.
  • Use the Bruce Bamboo/Dandelion behind Wall-nut combo and Pomegranate-pults to deal more damage to the zombies as well as destroying as many tombstones as possible.
    • Make sure that all of them are upgraded to max level in the Greenhouse to have strong effects. A max level Bruce Bamboo also has a high chance of instantly activating its Plant Food effect once planted, which is extremely useful in this level.
  • Immediately delay and defeat the Desert Death Zombie if you can every time it appears.
  • Use Wall-nut/Venus Flytrap in front of the quicksand to slow down them.
  • The final wave will take pretty long. Many Camel Zombies, Pharaoh Zombies and Explorer Zombies will appear. Use the Plant Food you have saved throughout the level, as well as the plants' instant Plant Food effect once planted to help you get through. Meanwhile, stall and defeat the zombies as much as possible, especially those on quicksand. Quickly beat all the zombies on the bottom lanes with Plant Food effects, and try to stall the zombies on the upper lanes so that your lawn mowers will help you later on.



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