A plague has swept this era.
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Ancient Egypt - Level 10-3 was the second spin-off level of Level 10-1 of Ancient Egypt in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It was a Preset Sunflowers level, in which the player could not choose any sun-producing plants. Additionally, there were also 6 pre-planted Sunflowers. In order to get all 3 stars, the player must have not lost more than 2 plants and not lost any lawn mowers. When this level was finished for the first time, the player would get 2 Potato Mine Puzzle Pieces.


  • The pre-planted Sunflowers here along with a tough defense will earn the player a handful amount of sun.
  • The level does not have any tombstones. However, as the Desert Death Zombies can crush nearly half of your defenses next to the Sunflowers later, the player must use strong multi-ranged attack plants, which the player does not have yet if he/she have not played levels in the next worlds.
  • Explorer Zombies can be dangerous in zombie hordes, especially when the player does not want to lose more than 2 plants to get the star.


  • Start normally. Delay zombies with defensive plants if needed. Start planting Pomegranate-pults at the back to deal great damage from behind the Sunflowers.
  • Use the Bonk Choys and Bloomerang (or any ranged multi-attacking plant) to deal more damage to the zombies. Collect as many sun as you can from the dead zombies.
  • Use Dandelion or Bruce Bamboo to deal great damage in a 3x3 area. Use some Wall-nuts to protect these plants if needed.
  • Do not forget to use Plant Food.
  • Watch out for Desert Death Zombie's ability range. Its ability can crush every plant in a 4x3 area, as well as pushing every zombie in its range. Wall-nuts should be planted in front of its quicksand besides the ones planted to protect the strong area-of-effect plants. Note that one of the objectives is not to lose more than 2 plants, so the player should be cautious if he/she wants to earn the star.
  • Be ready for the final wave. It will not take long but the Desert Death Zombie will give the single zombie horde at the final wave a big push, along with many Sandstorm ambushes.



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