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Ancient Egypt - Day 29 is the twenty-ninth level of Ancient Egypt in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars.


  • The Explorer Zombies and Ra Zombies could deal much damage to the player's defensive plants.
  • The Tomb Raiser Zombie has pretty high health, and there are tons of them in this level. Use the plants' Plant Food skill to kill them if needed.


The two small numbers next to the zombie icon mean that zombie appeared there, while the small number on the left displayed the lane where the zombie would appear, and the one on the right displayed the column that the zombie appeared in. If there's only one small number next to the zombie icon, then it means that that zombie appeared at the beginning of the lawn, and at the lane that the number displays. Example: Basic Zombie2.png3-5 means that a Basic Zombie appeared in the third lane, at the fifth column. Note that this only displays the position of the zombies that have the highest chance of spawning.
Waves Zombies Note(s)
1 Tomb Raiser Zombie2.png 1-6 Tomb Raiser Zombie2.png 2-6 Tomb Raiser Zombie2.png 3-6 Explorer Zombie2.png 1-8 Ra Zombie2.png 2-8 Explorer Zombie2.png 3-8 None
2 Tomb Raiser Zombie2.png 1-6 Tomb Raiser Zombie2.png 2-6 Flag Mummy Zombie2.png 3-6 Tomb Raiser Zombie2.png 2-8 Explorer Zombie2.png 1-8 Explorer Zombie2.png 3-8 Ra Zombie2.png 2 Final wave




Android Plants vs. Zombies All Stars - Ancient Egypt Day 29-3

Beta 1


Android Beta 2 PvZ All Stars - Ancient Egypt Day 29-0

Beta 2


Android Plants vs. Zombies All Stars - Ancient Egypt Day 29-2

Pre v1.0.80


V1.0.81 Plants vs. Zombies All Stars - Ancient Egypt Level 4-29 4K 60FPS


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