For the Chinese version of this level, see Ancient Egypt - Ultimate Challenge.
For other levels featuring the Zombot Sphinx-inator, see Ancient Egypt - Day 35 and Modern Day - Day 32.
Have you ever wondered why your neighbor David hungers so? What secret ingredient in the taco would drive his desire? Could it be that he needs your brains as much as we do?

Dr. Edgar Zomboss

Ancient Egypt - Day 25 is the 25th level of Ancient Egypt in Plants vs. Zombies 2. In this level, the player must defeat the Zombot Sphinx-inator. When this level is finished for the first time, the player receives the Ancient Egypt Trophy.


  • The Zombot can eliminate defenses within two rows plus it will spam by summoning zombies once it one-third of its health has been diminished. Because Mummified Gargantuars also appear, it will be difficult to handle because there are no ice-plants given that will slow them down, save for Iceberg Lettuce. The ability of the Zombot to create a tombstone also contributes to the difficulty because it create two tombstones at the same time along with Tomb Raiser Zombies.
  • Once two-thirds of its health is gone, it will call Explorer Zombies and Pharaoh Zombies to clear out defenses quicker because Explorer Zombies burn all plants in one touch and Pharaoh Zombies pack a lot of health, despite its slow speed.


  • Repeater is your best plant to damage Zomboss with Plant Food but if there are gravestones nearby, Bonk Choy is better instead.
  • It is recommended to keep one Iceberg Lettuce, one Grave Buster, and one Plant Food at all times. This way, you can quickly remove tombstones that show up in bad places, and you can use Plant Food to counteract the Sphinx-inator's charge attack.
  • Use Plant Food on Bloomerangs to clear out rows of Zombies, or use it on Bonk Choys for dense groups.
  • The Zombot Sphinx-inator will almost always send zombies in tight clusters. Imp Mummies and Mummified Gargantuars are not sent until phase two (when one-third of its health is gone), and Explorer Zombies and Pharaoh Zombies are not sent until phase three (when two-thirds of its health is gone). Try to take care all of them with a Bonk Choy fed with Plant Food in between the zombies. Do not plant the Bonk Choy in the middle of a Zombie stack or it will be eaten, unless if you can quickly put a Plant Food on the Bonk Choy which is in the middle of a Zombie stack, it can kill all the zombies with ease.
  • In lanes where you are about to lose, place several plants there, so the Zombot Sphinx-inator will kill the zombies with a charge attack.
  • Always try to stall dangerous zombies, such as Explorer Zombies, Pharaoh Zombies, and Mummified Gargantuars. Use Iceberg Lettuces, Wall-nuts, or both to your advantage to stop them.
  • Try to use Iceberg Lettuce when the Zombot Sphinx-inator is at a lane with many strong plants. It cannot freeze the Zombot Sphinx-inator, however, but rather just slow it down.
  • The Zombot Sphinx-inator takes up two columns on the right of the screen. Watch out! If you plant a Bonk Choy in the third column from the right (which is recommended), the Zombot Sphinx-inator will sometimes move into the third column and trample any plant within its range. Be prepared to stop Zomboss from trampling your Bonk Choy(s) by using Plant Food when it is about to destroy them, or when the Zombot is within a 3x3 radius of the plants.
  • When its target locks onto a plant, use Plant Food on that plant to keep the missile from destroying that plant.
    • For Bloomerangs and Cabbage-pults, only use Plant Foods when the missile almost lands on them because they have a short Plant Food duration.
    • Also, surround the targeted tile with plants to prevent tombstones from being spawned.
  • If Zomboss charges down two lanes full of zombies, make sure to give Plant Food to the plant closest to the zombies. If done correctly, it will stall Zomboss just as he finishes trampling the zombies.
  • If you have a Repeater on a lane where Zomboss is, there are no tombstones, and you have Plant Food, use the Plant Food before Zomboss leaves the lane. This can deal a lot of damage to Zomboss.
  • If things get out of hand, use Plant Food on the Iceberg Lettuce.

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