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Ancient Egypt - Day 20 is the 20th level of Ancient Egypt. Being a Save Our Seeds level, the player needs to protect four Sunflowers. When this level is finished for the first time, the player receives a Money Bag.



Strategy 1

  • Suggested Plants
  • Still, two columns of Sunflowers are essential.
  • Collect the sun, plant Iceberg Lettuces first. Then, plant Potato Mines near the Sunflowers if the typical zombies appear on the first, second, fourth, or fifth lane.
  • Plant Bonk Choys in front of the endangered Sunflowers.
  • Two columns of Repeaters are needed. Save Iceberg Lettuces for Explorer Zombies.
  • Plant Wall-nuts near the Bonk Choys if needed.
  • Then, the final wave comes and a lot of Explorer Zombies appear. Quickly, use Plant Food on Iceberg Lettuce.

Strategy 2

This won't help you the first time through, but is useful if you ever need to revisit to kill a Yeti.

Created by Voiceimitator
  • Suggested plants:
  • Spikerocks will be your main killer, but don't plant them too early. At start of game, concentrate on planting a lot of Sunflowers and Twin Sunflowers, and use the Squash and Chili Bean to take care of the first two zombies.
  • After the two zombies have come through, it's time to start thinking about planting Spikerocks. If you can fill up columns 8 and 9 with Spikerocks (meaning you've got to Grave Bust any graves there first), that takes care of everything except the Buckethead Zombie. For Bucketheads, you've got Chili Bean and Squash.
  • At the start of the game, don't plant anything in the middle row (the one without endangered plants) -- you might as well let the zombies walk through and trigger the lawn mower first, and then you can start planting in it.
  • Pacing matters in this level. Meaning: don't kill zombies too quickly. If you have a plant like Ghost Pepper, that sometimes kills zombies too quickly, triggering more to appear faster than you can handle. Suggested extra plants: Potato Mine (for cheaper kills of first two zombies, and of Bucketheads, than Chili Bean or Squash), Cherry Bomb (for emergencies).



Plants vs

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