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Day 20 AE 1st Reward.png|First time reward in Ancient Egypt - Day 20
Day 20 AE 1st Reward.png|First time reward in Ancient Egypt - Day 20
AE20Char.jpg|By {{U|Charmande red321}}
AE20Char.jpg|By {{U|Charmande red321}}
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Ancient Egypt - Day 20 is the 20th level of Ancient Egypt. It is the final Save Our Seeds level in this world. To complete this level, the player must protect four Sunflowers. When this level is finished the first time, the player receives a money bag.



Strategy 1

  • Suggested Plants
  • Still, two columns of Sunflowers are essential.
  • Collect the sun, plant Iceberg Lettuces first. Then, plant Potato Mines near the Sunflowers if the typical zombies appear on the first, second, fourth, or fifth lane.
  • Plant Bonk Choys in front of the endangered Sunflowers.
  • Two columns of Repeaters are needed. Save Iceberg Lettuces for Explorer Zombies.
  • Plant Wall-nuts near the Bonk Choys if needed.
  • Then, the final wave comes and a lot of Explorer Zombies appear. Quickly, use Plant Food on Iceberg Lettuce.

Strategy 2

This won't help you the first time through, but is useful if you ever need to revisit to kill a Yeti.

Created by Voiceimitator
  • Suggested plants:
  • Spikerocks will be your main killer, but don't plant them too early. At start of game, concentrate on planting a lot of Sunflowers and Twin Sunflowers, and use the Squash and Chili Bean to take care of the first two zombies.
  • After the two zombies have come through, it's time to start thinking about planting Spikerocks. If you can fill up columns 8 and 9 with Spikerocks (meaning you've got to Grave Bust any graves there first), that takes care of everything except the Buckethead Zombie. For Bucketheads, you've got Chili Bean and Squash.
  • At the start of the game, don't plant anything in the middle row (the one without endangered plants) -- you might as well let the zombies walk through and trigger the lawn mower first, and then you can start planting in it.
  • Pacing matters in this level. Meaning: don't kill zombies too quickly. If you have a plant like Ghost Pepper, that sometimes kills zombies too quickly, triggering more to appear faster than you can handle. Suggested extra plants: Potato Mine (for cheaper kills of first two zombies, and of Bucketheads, than Chili Bean or Squash), Cherry Bomb (for emergencies).



Plants vs

Plants vs. Zombies 2 - Ancient Egypt - Save Our Seeds II PvZ 2 Walkthrough

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