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Wow! We got a weapon, let the plant equip it.

Crazy Dave

American Suburbs - Day 5 is the fifth level in American Suburbs and is the first boss battle of Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars. The player is forced to defeat the Treasure Yeti to win the level.

Dialogue (Outro)

(After completing the level and getting the Moss Slingshot)
Crazy Dave: Wow! We got a weapon, let the plant equip it.
(The player gets accessed to the Zen Garden)


  • The Treasure Yeti can throw a huge snowball which will damage the plant closest to it and can summon a rain of ice shards which will damage every plant every four turns. However, the damage it does is very little, making the level somewhat easy.
  • The zombies spawned at the first wave are quite weak, so they can be defeated easily without the player's plants being damaged too much.


The two small numbers next to the zombie icon mean that zombie appeared there, while the small number on the left displayed the lane where the zombie would appear, and the one on the right displayed the column that the zombie appeared in. If there's only one small number next to the zombie icon, then it means that that zombie appeared at the beginning of the lawn, and at the lane that the number displays. Example: Basic Zombie2.png3-5 means that a Basic Zombie appeared in the third lane, at the fifth column. Note that this only displays the position of the zombies that have the highest chance of spawning.
Waves Zombies Note(s)
1 Basic Zombie2.png 1-6 Basic Zombie2.png 3-6 Conehead Zombie2.png 2-6 Football ZombieAS.png 2-8 None
2 Treasure Yeti2.png None


  • In the final wave, use the plants' skills immediately, right after their anger is full, to kill the boss even more quickly.


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