Template:ProfilePic2 All your brainz r belong to us is the ninth and last finite level of I, Zombie in Plants vs. Zombies, Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West, and Plants vs. Zombies: Great Wall Edition.

Plant position

There are 30 plants in this level (note: these are not always in order).


Strategy 1

Strategy by Justin234:

  1. Reset the puzzle until you get the Split Pea at the back of row two.
  2. Clear row two using a Digger Zombie, you should have 425 sun.*
  3. Use a Bungee Zombie to take away the Magnet-shroom.
  4. Clear the bottom row using a Football Zombie. You should have 325 sun left.
  5. Use an Imp to get the brain at row two. You should have 275 sun left.
  6. Use another Football Zombie to clear row four and you will have 500 sun.**
  7. Clear rows one and three using Imps and you have finished the puzzle!

* Please note that the Starfruit and Split Pea both should not be at the back as it is very hard to enable a Digger Zombie to cross.

** You can use another Digger Zombie if you have 650 sun.

Strategy 2

The randomness of the positions of the plants can make it very hard to win this level, but here is a strategy that is guaranteed to work:

  1. Use 2 Bungee Zombies to grab the 2 Sunflowers in lane 1 (Potato Mine Lane). You should have 300 Sun now.
  2. Put 2 Ladder Zombies in lane 2 (Tall-nut Lane), one to get over the Tall-nut, and one to shield the Snow Peas.*
  3. Grab the Magnet-shroom with a Bungee Zombie and send a Football Zombie in the same lane.
  4. Put a Digger Zombie in lane 4 (Peashooter Lane), then an Imp when all the Peashooters are gone.
  5. Place 5 Imps in lanes 1 and 3 and you have finished the level**. Ah, sweet victory at last!***

* If both Ladder Zombies are killed, plant a fast, strong cheap zombie, like a Pole Vaulting Zombie, to take care of it.

** Alternatively, you can use 2 Digger Zombies for Lane 3 (the second AFTER the first one has been squashed), but you still use up the same amount of sun.

*** You can steal the laddered Tall-nut if you like to see the lawn cleared of plants.

Strategy 3

Strategy by Rex700:

Strategy 4

That's all!

Strategy 5

  • Use two Bungee Zombies on row 1 to steal the sunflowers. You should now have 300 sun.
  • Place two Ladder Zombies on row 2, one to ladder the Tall-nut and another to get the Sunflowers and eat the brain. You should now have 400 sun.
  • Place 4-5 Imps  on Row 3 to absorb the instant kills and get the brains. You should now have around 550-650 sun.
  • Use a Bungee Zombie to steal the Magnet-shroom on Row 5. You should now have 400-500 sun. If you have more sun, it's okay.
  • Send a Football Zombie down Row 4 to get the brains. Buckethead Zombie on Row 5, and use your remaining sun to place imps on Row 1. Collect the money from the brains, and you're done!

Beware, do not blindly put just Imps on the top row, as the Threepeater will kill them. Use Imps to either detonate Potato Mines, activate a Squash or a Chomper, or to retrieve a brain.

Important tip

Use Imps to either detonate Potato Mines, activate a Squash or a Chomper, or to eat a brain. They can only take two peas before dying to the third pea, so use Conehead Zombies instead.



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