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All-Star Zombie is a Ballpark Frank minion Zombie in Plants vs. Zombies 3. Once he appears on the field, he will run and tackle the first plant he meets. After that, he will walk at the same speed as a Browncoat Zombie. He can kick any Imps forward in either state. His helmet also acts as armor.


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Both his name and abilities are based off his appearance in Plants vs. Zombies 2.

However, he has white-colored front gloves, making him more reminiscent of his appearance in the Garden Warfare games.

His helmet's ability to act as armor is inspired by his appearance in the first game.

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All-Star Zombie, just like his previous appearances from past-two games, was somewhat a bit of threat, but becomes a full-on biggest threat if there are multiple Imp variants on a single lane, so the player must defeat the Imps quickly before he comes.



  • Unlike his counterpart from the second game, he not only kicks Super-Fan Imps, but other Imp variants as well.
    • Also, his speed is slightly different than his second game counterpart's speed, making this more reminiscent to his first game counterpart.
    • Unlike his second game counterpart, he falls backwards when he dies, which is more reminiscent to his first game counterpart.

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