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All-Star is a playable Zombie class in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. He is a PvZ BfN Defend Class Icon Defend class.


In-game description

All-Stars are the zombie team defender. They can provide dummy shields for safe firing, or suppressing fire to keep enemies at bay.

Primary weapon

Fully-automatic football launcher

In-game description

All-Star's primary weapon is the Football Cannon, which fires footballs that deal 7 damage each (8 for crits) and fires at a rate of 600 RPM (rounds per minute). All-Star is slower and cannot jump while firing the Football Cannon. To compensate for this, it has infinite ammo (firing for too long can cause it to overheat though). After overheating, All-Star cannot fire the Football Cannon for a short amount of time. There is a short delay before and after firing as the Football Cannon needs to spin up/stop spinning.


Left abilities
Imp PuntBfN
Imp Punt
Kick an explosive Imp who detonates after a short delay.
Center abilities
Sprint TackleBfN
Sprint Tackle
Dash forward to send enemies flying. A vanquish with Sprint Tackle reduces ability refresh.
Right abilities
Dummy ShieldBfN
Dummy Shield
Protect your team by placing a dome-shielded dummy.


Perk Cooldown
Refreshing Revive
Faster refresh time for all abilities by reviving an ally.

Reduces ability cooldown by 30% when a teammate is revived.
Perk Health
Rough Patch
Spawn with more health after suffering multiple vanquishes in a row.

After dying three times in a row, spawn with the maximum amount of over-health for the currently used class after respawning or being revived.
Perk Handling
Spin Class
Perk RoleIcon Hero AllStar
Football Cannon spins up faster.

Reduces Football Cannon's spin up time by 67%.
Perk Health
Best Defense
Perk RoleIcon Defend
Briefly reduce incoming damage by earning a critical vanquish. Can stack 3 times.

Reduces incoming damage by 15% for 5 seconds upon vanquishing an enemy. Stacks up to 2 times for a total of 30% damage resistance.
Perk Handling
Long Bomb
Imp PuntBfN
Imp Punt flies farther.

Imp Punt flies 22.5% further.
Perk Knockback
Follow Through
Sprint TackleBfN
Enemies are knocked away farther when dealing damage with Sprint Tackle.

Sprint Tackle knocks enemies 9m (29.53 ft) upward and backward.
Perk Mobility
Shoot The Gap
Sprint TackleBfN
Travel further when using Sprint Tackle.
Perk Health
Health Regeneration
Perk RoleIcon Defend
Faster health regeneration.

Doubles health regeneration rate.
Perk Health
Health Regeneration Delay
Perk RoleIcon Defend
Reduced time between taking damage and when health regeneration activates.

Reduces the time required to start health regeneration by half.
Perk Utility
Leveling Up
Earn XP faster.

Earn 10% more XP.
Perk Cooldown
Critical Blow
Faster refresh time for all abilities by earning a critical vanquish.

Reduces ability cooldown by 3 seconds upon critically vanquishing an enemy.
Perk Mobility
Tennis Skills
Perk RoleIcon Hero AllStar
Move faster when aiming or firing.

Move 25% faster while aiming or firing.
Perk Knockback
Star Struck
Dummy ShieldBfN
Deploying Tackle Dummy knocks enemies away.

Deploying Dummy Shield knocks enemies 5m (16.4 ft) upward and 7m (22.97 ft) backward.
Perk Mobility
Perk RoleIcon Defend
Move faster when at low health.

Increases movement speed by 20% upon reaching 20% HP or below.
Perk Mobility
Move faster, except when sprinting.

Increases walking speed by 12.9032%
Perk Ammo
Supercharged Football Coolant
Perk RoleIcon Hero AllStar
Reduce overheat for Football Cannon by earning a vanquish.

Vanquishing enemies reduces the overheat percentage by 15% linearly.
Perk Utility
Applying Pressure
Perk RoleIcon Hero AllStar
Near misses with Football Cannon reduce enemy vision.

Reduces enemy vision by 7.5% for every near misses. Effect decays at a rate of 50% per second.
Perk Revive
Injury Time
Dummy ShieldBfN
Allies get revived faster when inside Tackle Dummy shield.

Reduces the time to revive an ally by 50% when inside the Dummy Shield.
Perk Damage
Huge Fuse
Imp PuntBfN
Deal additional damage when directly hitting an enemy with Imp Punt.

Deal an additional 50 damage by directly hitting an enemy with Imp Punt.
Perk Mobility
Adrenaline Rush
Perk RoleIcon Defend
Move faster for a short time by earning a vanquish.

Increases movement speed by 55% for 3 seconds upon vanquishing an enemy.



All-Star is the zombie team tank, as he has the most health out of all the zombies (besides a Z-Mech or a docked Space Station). All-Star excels at defending objectives with his high health and Dummy Shield. The Football Cannon can do excellent damage, especially at a close to mid-range, but do remember that it takes about a second for All-Star to charge the cannon and begin firing. All-Star functions great on his own or with a group. His high health and great power mean he will win most 1-on-1 scenarios, and his Dummy Shield is great at protecting teammates.

Combining the upgrades Health Regeneration and Health Regeneration Delay makes for a great combo on All-Star. With them, if he starts to become injured, he can quickly hide or take cover in a Dummy Shield and regenerate all of his health very quickly, allowing him to swiftly get back into action. Supercharged Football Coolant is also a good choice, especially in Graveyard Ops, as it allows him to take out hordes of enemies without worrying about the weapon overheating as quickly.

All-Star performs exceptionally well in Graveyard Ops as a defender of the Grave-O-Matic. His high rate of fire and damage output allows him to easily take out groups of weaker enemies and can put heavy pressure on larger singular enemies such as bosses. Dummy Shield can defend the Grave-O-Matic from ranged attacks, though it is ineffective against Weeds as they will attack the Dummy itself, destroying the shield rather quickly. Imp Punt can do large damage to groups, such as those attacking the Grave-O-Matic. Sprint Tackle is effective in knocking back singular strong threats such as Citrons. Overall, All-Star performs best when he sticks close to the Grave-O-Matic to defend.


Proceed against All-Star with extreme caution. He has a decently powerful primary weapon, Imp Punt and Sprint Tackle to devastate Plants at close range, and his Dummy Shield to hold ground and protect himself as well as his teammates from long-range attacks. Essentially, All-Star is a very difficult target, with his powerful tools and higher than average health, but he doesn’t fare particularly well against groups of plants. He relies on his allies to dispel groups, as his Imp Punt isn’t the best at crowd control due to its unpredictable physics. Typically, it’s best to attack an All-Star with a group of plants backing you up, especially if you’re a small, weak plant like Acorn or Nightcap. All in all, All-Star can be quite dangerous to attack head-on, due to his close-range dominance, but his weaknesses become glaring when attacked by a group.

Tips & Tricks

  • Sprint Tackle is effective when being hit by Fung Fu. Chances are you will either hit the Night Cap and knock it away (or possibly vanquish it), or you will escape the center of the attack.

Balancing changes

October 2019 Patch

  • Football Canon damage increase 4.75->6.4
  • First connect fuse delay for Imp Punt decreased 0.675->0.4s
  • Blast radius for Imp Punt increase 2.75->3.2m
  • Football Canon priming time reduced 0.9->0.675 after successful connect with Sprint Tackle

December 2019 Patch

  • Increase Football Cannon damage 6.4->8
  • Decrease Football Cannon overheat penalty time 2.0->1.0
  • Decrease Football Cannon camera shake
  • Decrease Football Cannon projectile spread when aiming
  • Decrease Football Cannon projectile drag start distance 50m->25m
  • Decrease Football Cannon projectile drag end distance 70m->45m
  • Decrease Football Cannon projectile final speed post drag 500->350

January 2020 patch

  • Decreased velocity and drag distance of Football Cannon
    • Decreased projectile speed from 620 m/s (2034.12 ft/s) to 480 m/s (1574.8 ft/s)
  • Increased recoil of Football Cannon
    • Increased minimum spread angle from 0.15 to 0.22
    • Increased maximum spread angle from 2.2 to 2.75
    • Decreased spread increase per shot from 4.7 to 4.65
    • Increased minimum horizontal recoil increase per shot while unzoomed from -0.1 to -0.185
    • Increased maximum horizontal recoil increase per shot while unzoomed from 0.1 to 0.185
    • Decreased minimum moving gun sway angle while unzoomed from 0.5 to 0.25
    • Decreased maximum moving gun sway angle while unzoomed from 1.85 to 1.2
    • Decreased minimum base gun sway angle while unzoomed from 0.25 to 0
    • Decreased maximum base gun sway angle while unzoomed from 0.75 to 0.4
    • Increased vertical recoil increase per shot from 0.02 to 0.035
    • Increased minimum horizontal recoil increase per shot while zoomed from -0.1 to -0.185
    • Increased maximum horizontal recoil increase per shot while zoomed from 0.1 to 0.185
    • Decreased first shot recoil multiplier from 2.5 to 1.8
  • Decreased Football Cannon damage from 8 to 7
  • Sprint Tackle refresh doesn’t start until ability is done
  • Dummy Shield
    •  Increased cooldown time from 25 seconds to 30 seconds

Related achievement

Block 1,000 damage with a Dummy Shield as an All-Star.


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