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Air Raid is one of the 17 hidden mini-games, which can only be found using Cheat Engine.

This level takes place in the Fog area, and is composed of mainly Balloon Zombies all over the level, which makes it difficult. However, it takes about 75 seconds for the zombies to appear, making it slightly easier.

Limbo Page

There was a page of mini-games which were canceled before the release of the game, called Limbo Page. PopCap did not publish a visible link to this page.

Gain access to Limbo Page

Add three addresses and change all the value to 144.

For the original PC version For the Game of the Year version
Address name Type Original value Edited value Address name Type Original value Edited value
42DF5D Byte 136 144 430C80 Byte 136 144
42DF5E Byte 89 144 430C81 Byte 88 144
42DF5F Byte 84 144 430C82 Byte 100 144


Basic strategy

Since it is night and there is no sun falling from the sky, it is extremely difficult. A rake is useless here as the Balloon Zombie will fly over it.

Some of the plants above are optional. Puff-shroom, Sun-shroom, Sea-shroom, and Blover are compulsory.

Try to plant Sun-shrooms faster and obtain sun faster. Later on, when the first Balloon Zombie comes, use a Blover to get rid of it. Lawn Mowers are quite important, though the level is beatable without triggering any lawn mowers.

You should plant two columns of Sun-shrooms as fast as you can.

Cactus strategy


Plants vs. Zombies-Air Raid (Hidden Mini-Game)

Video of a basic strategy

Plant two columns of Sun-shrooms at the back. In front of them, plant an entire column (maybe two) of Cacti. Use the Blover if things are chaotic. In front of them, plant two columns of Puff-shrooms (Sea-shrooms in the water) to deal with regular Zombies.

Blover Strategy

Note: This strategy has NOT been tested.

Plant one or two columns of Sun-shrooms (one is recommended). When the first zombie comes, (you should have enough sun for a Blover) use a Blover. Plant Puff-shrooms and Sea-shrooms for regular Zombies. Plant Cactus (if you chose them). If things get bad, use a Doom-shroom. If you chose Planterns, use them like you normally would.

Your setup should look like this:

SSP CCC - - - -

SSP CCP - PL - -

(S) SS SS (C) -- -- -- -- --

(S) SS SS (C) -- -- -- -- --

SSP CCP - PL - -

SSP CCC - - - -


S= Sun-shroom

()= Lily Pad

P= Puff-shroom

SS= Sea-shroom

C= Cactus*


--= Empty space

  • If you chose it.

Spike-Free, Blover-Only Strategy (aka Think Easy Before You Think Hard Strategy)


Plants Vs. Zombies Air Raid (Hidden Mini-Game)

Think easy before you think hard. Because of the lack of tougher zombies in this level, it is entirely possible to complete this level with only instant kills for the Balloon Zombies such as Blovers. Start the level by accumulating sun as fast as possible by planting Sun-shrooms and you should have 100 sun by the time the first Balloon Zombie appears. If not, then it is not the worst thing in the world to sacrifice one lawn mower. Basically, every time a Balloon Zombie appears, use a Blover to blow it away. You could also buy some time by not blowing the zombie away until it gets near the end of the row, to accumulate more sun. In the meantime, build up your lawn and pool defenses with Puff-shrooms and Sea-shrooms. Plant a Wall-nut on the middle column of each pool lane with Sea-shrooms to the left.



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