This item is only obtainable during certain events. However, it can still be used if you have already obtained it. It is currently not available.

Ail-mint is a Power Mint plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2. When planted, she[1] will poison all zombies on the board. She can also boost Ail-mint Family plants by increasing the effectiveness of their abilities, whilst also boosting their toughness, damage, and more whilst she is on the lawn.

Ail-mint Family plants include:

Like other Power Mints, she cannot be imitated or affected by other mints. After 11 seconds, Ail-mint will disappear.

Ail-mint can be obtained with 100 mints in the Store when she is available.



Ail-mint is based on the "Lamiaceae" (also known as "mint").

Ail-mint's name is a pun on the word "ailment," meaning "An illness, typically a minor one." This is a reference to her boosting plants that plague zombies with harmful effects or use spores or fumes (which may or may not be toxic, but last a long time in the air nonetheless).

Almanac entry

Note: The stats shown below only apply to Level 1.



FAMILY: Ail-mint

Ail-mints poison all zombies when planted and provide a temporary boost to all Ail-mint Family plants on the lawn.

Ail-mint Family plants:

Blooming Heart
Chili Bean
Goo Peashooter

Ail-mint is quick to state that poison should not be taken internally. Or externally, for that matter. Really, just leave it alone. It's poison!

Ail-mint boosts

While boosted by Ail-mint, the following plants gain the following effects.

  • Blooming Heart will do an additional 120 DPS.
  • Chili Bean's stun duration is increased by 12 seconds, and he creates ten duplicates with his Plant Food effect regardless of his level.
  • Fume-shroom will do an additional 120 DPS, and his Plant Food effect will do an additional 2900 DPS over the duration.
  • Garlic can absorb an additional 1200 DPS.
  • Goo Peashooter's pea does an additional 75 DPS. Additionally, his poison will do an additional 4 damage per stack, and his Plant Food effect does an additional 132 DPS per tick.
  • Imp Pear will deal 90 DPS to Imp Pear Imp when eaten, and its Plant Food effect will now transform up to fifteen zombies on the screen into Imps.
  • Puffball's poison will gain an additional 275 DPS and his stun duration is increased by 10 seconds.
  • Puff-shroom will do an additional 110 DPS with its spores, his Plant Food effect will do an additional 30 DPS per spore, and an extra 2 minutes will be added on to his lifespan.
  • Spore-shroom's damage will increase by 120 DPS, and its Plant Food effect will do an additional 2800 DPS.


Level upgrades

Note that Ail-mint's recharge is 30 seconds shorter during the Improve-mint event.

Level Seed Packets Upgrades
Sun Cost Recharge Duration Toughness Poison Duration Poison Damage
1 0 0 85 seconds 11 seconds N/A 12 seconds 50 dps
2 100 80 seconds 12 seconds 11 seconds 64 dps
3 150 80 seconds 13 seconds 10 seconds 80 dps
4 200 75 seconds 14 seconds 9 seconds 100 dps
5 300 75 seconds 15 seconds 8 seconds 125 dps
6 400 75 seconds 16 seconds 7 seconds 157 dps
7 500 70 seconds 17 seconds 6 seconds 200 dps
8 600 70 seconds 18 seconds 5 seconds 260 dps
9 800 70 seconds 19 seconds 4 seconds 350 dps
10 1,000 60 seconds 20 seconds 3 seconds 500 dps


Ail-mint by herself is a fantastic plant, as her ability poisons all zombies on screen when planted, which can very easily defeat all zombies on screen. Ail-mint's plant family is generally pretty weak, but there are a few plants that are effective, especially when boosted, including Fume-shroom, Spore-shroom, and Goo Peashooter. When boosted, these plants can easily wipe out large hordes of zombies, especially when combined with Ail-mint's poison effect.

Ail-mint isn't quite as effective in Far Future because of the high health of the zombies there, making them take a while to defeat.

Remember that it's not advised to bring Power Mints into "Don't lose more than X plants" levels, as they will disappear after a while, which counts as a plant being lost.


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  • She has the longest duration of all the mints, tying with Enchant-mint, at 11-20 seconds
  • According to her almanac entry, Perfume-shroom is in the Ail-mint family, although that plant is bugged and isn't affected by this mind.
  • Ail-mint appears to be chewing something in her idle animation.

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