Agent Corn is a character that appears in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. Agent Corn is an agent of L.E.A.F. He resides in a barn in a small farm surrounded by corn crops, which he calls C.O.B (Corn Operations Base). Agent Corn gives the player 4 L.E.A.F. Quests.


Agent Corn gives the player 4 L.E.A.F. quests, and three of these missions are able to be replayed.


Description: Go to Z-Tech Factory and track down intel and locate the secret Nuke Juice shipping routes.

There is no boss for this mission, only a huge wave of zombies and a mini-boss battle with a Champion Robo-Zombie.

Black Husk Down

Description: Intercept Zomboss' secret shipment, and steal the world's largest bottle of Nuke Juice.

Agent Corn will send in airstrikes of giant corn cobs similar to those used by the Corn Mortars in Garden Warfare. After a few of these airstrikes are dropped, Agent Corn tells the player that they're out of airstrikes. Shortly thereafter, all Kernel Corn variants (minus Party Corn) spawn in to help the player fend off the zombies. The boss of this mission is a Gargantuar.

Zero Bark Thirty

Description: Fly Agent Corn's Elite Butterhawk and protect Agent Corn as he plants a Tactical Cuke at the Zombies doorstep.

Various bosses appear in this mission.



  • The mission Zero Bark Thirty is an homage to a mission in the video game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, named Death From Above, in which the player takes control of the gunner in an AC-130 Gunship, while escorting their team through the enemy territory.
  • He owns a plane named Butterhawk, which the player can take control of in the Zero Bark Thirty mission.
  • The final mission Agent Corn gives the player, Zero Bark Thirty, is a reference to the American propaganda film Zero Dark Thirty, a film about the Navy SEALs hunt for Osama bin Laden and their mission to take him out.
  • He lives on a farm called C.O.B, and Cobs is a popcorn making company.
  • The explosion cutscene after the mission Zero Bark Thirty ends reveals that Backyard Battleground is located in either Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, or Nebraska, which can be seen if one slows down a clip of the explosion cutscene.
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