Agent Citron is one of three L.E.A.F. agents that appears in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. Agent Citron's territory is a gigantic floating metallic orange spaceship that resembles the Citron's Citron Ball form. This giant spaceship is seen right around the corner from the Backyard Battleground. He constantly addresses the player by the nickname "Tough-nut."


Agent Citron gives the player four L.E.A.F. missions in total, three of which are able to be replayed.

Triangulation Station

Description: Set up some Cosmic Triangulators to locate the 1st bounty.

This mission requires the player to set up three Cosmic Triangulators in different locations in the Backyard Battleground while fighting off Browncoats wearing futuristic customizations and Future Imps. The boss for this mission is the Z7 Imp in his Z-Mech.

Negative Reinforcements

Description: Special Ops: Head to the Lunar Landing base to defeat a bunch of robots and robot Zombies!

This mission requires the player to defend a Garden in a similar style to Garden Ops against Robo-Zombies, Future Imps, and more customized Browncoats The boss in this mission is a Mech Gargantuar.


Description: Agent Citron has just located one of his most wanted bounties. Track him down and claim the bounty.

This mission requires the player to free Ironball (an Iron Citron) from captivity, and then vanquish the boss with him. The boss for this mission is the S.H.R.IMP in his Z-Mech.



  • According to his dialogue when he first meets the player, he says his spaceship is capable of time travel.
  • The Browncoat Zombies with the "future" visors in all of his missions are a reference to the future sunglasses cheat in the original game.
  • His quests are the only ones that feature the Future Imp, Robo-Zombie, and Z7 Imp, which is one of the bosses.
  • He is the only L.E.A.F agent that mentions recognizable words occasionally in his voice clips for his text.
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