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There were three main achievements in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. There were also 33 discovered secret achievements.

Main achievements

Each stage had the following three main achievements:

Title Graphic Description
Lawn No-er
Lawnmowers weren't triggered!
No plants were KO'd!
Uncle Sunnybags
Saved at least 300 sun!

Secret achievements

There were 35 secret achievements, without any graphics. Note that it was impossible to get all achievements in a single round, as some of these were incompatible with each other (e.g. "Bully" and "Look Ma, No Hands!").

This is a partial listing:

# Title Description
1. Bombs Away Place a Cherry Bomb!
2. Bully Stunned the same zombie 3 or more times!
3. Burnout Won with 0 sun remaining!
4. Cheater! Cheater! Used a debug cheat button during combat. For shame!
5. Dynamic Duo Won using exactly 2 plants!
6. Feel the Beet Used only Sunflowers and Beets!
7. Fire Works Used only Sunflowers and explosive plants!
8. Focused Did not pause the battle!
9. Freezer Burn Used a Chilly Pepper!
10. Great Wall Placed a Wall-nut!
11. Gimme a Break! Paused the battle more than three times!
12. Happy Planter Placed at least 10 plants in one level!
13. I Walk Alone Used only one plant!
14. Light Artillery Won using only Sunflowers and Peashooters!
15. Look Ma, No Hands! Didn't power up any plants or stun any zombies!
16. Master Blaster Used a Snow Pea to defeat a Rocket Zombie!
17. Old School Didn't revive any plants!
18. One-Trick Pony Used only one plant type!
19. Overconfident Went into combat without taking all the plants you could!
20. Peppy Used a boost to get through!
21. Perfection Won without plants taking damage! (Excludes Wall-nut damage)
22. Playing With Fire Placed a Jalapeño!
23. Power Surge Never let sun go over 200!
24. Safety First Placed a Wall-nut before placing any other plant!
25. Saved by the Blade Defeated a zombie with a lawnmower!
26. Scouter Placed an Aspearagus before placing any other plant!
27. Solar Saver Won with at least 500 sun remaining!
28. Sniper Squad Won using only Sunflowers and Aspearaguses!
29. Sunny Day Used 3 Sunflowers in combat!
30. Synergy! Used at least 5 different types of plants!
31. Teacher's Pet Powered up the same plant 3 or more times.
32. Traditionalist Started the battle by placing a Sunflower!
33. ¡Caliente!

Wiped out a Conga Line with a Jalapeño!


  • There might have been 35 achievements, as each page of achievements came with five slots of achievements, leaving two blank spots on the last page due to there being 33 achievements.
    • However, nobody is able to verify if there were truly 35 secret achievements in total, as Plants vs. Zombies Adventures shut down before they could be located.
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