AC Perry is the Rare ice variant of the Engineer in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. His appearance is looks like to be an air-conditioning repairman, as he has a fan gun as his primary weapon and carries an AC on his back. He was first revealed on the Twitter page on December 20, 2015. Like all ice variants, AC Perry slows down plants that he hits using his primary attack, and if AC Perry shoots a plant enough times, they will freeze in place. His weapon is fully automatic and has double the rate of fire, but at the expense of some damage. After a plant is shot directly four times, the plant will be frozen.


Stickerbook description

"AC Perry says he's great at two things: Fixing air conditioners, and making life hard for the Plants. But truth be told, he's not actually very good at fixing air conditioners..."

In-game description

Chill, and freeze your foes with AC Perry's Frosty Fan!

AI Health

  • Easy: 75
  • Normal: 100
  • Hard: 125
  • CRAAAAZY: 150


Left abilities
Sonic GrenadeGW2.png Sonic Grenade The Sonic Grenade is a grenade that, when thrown, will stun plants in a small radius for a short time and forces Burrowing Chompers out from the ground.
Proximity Sonic MineGW2.png Proximity Sonic Mine An alternate ability of the Sonic Grenade, the Proximity Sonic Mine is a landmine which can stun plants for about five seconds when they come close to it. It makes Chompers come out of their Burrow ability if they are using it. This can be very useful for defending a teleporter or trying to escape from plants.
Center abilities
Big Bolt BlasterGW2.png Big Bolt Blaster The Big Bolt Blaster is a mounted turret similar to the Pea Gatling. It has 100 ammo and a very high rate of fire.
Bedazzled Bolt BlasterGW2.png Bedazzled Bolt Blaster The Bedazzled Bolt Blaster is a reskin of the Big Bolt Blaster and therefore has no difference other than appearance and having different crosshairs.
Right abilities
JackhammerGW2.png Jackhammer The Jackhammer allows for quicker movement but at the cost at not being able to use your other abilities, though you can still fire your primary weapon, and if you bump into a plant, the plant will suffer knockback and light damage.
Turbo JackhammerGW2.png Turbo Jackhammer An alternate ability of the Jackhammer, the Turbo Jackhammer functions the same as the Jackhammer except that it travels faster, but lasts for a shorter amount of time.



AC Perry is probably one of the best ice variants to use, as his shots do some good damage and he can also freeze plants very quickly, making him good for quickly freezing opponents and finishing them off. Using the Ice upgrade can help you freeze targets faster, by reducing the number of shots to freeze to two. The Sonic Grenade is amazing to use with AC Perry, as it makes freezing plants very easy, and the Jackhammer helps getting close to your opponents to freeze and vanquish them quickly.


AC Perry is very difficult to vanquish, due to the high mobility and crowd control he has. As Rose, landing a Goatify is crucial to vanquishing AC Perry, as it renders his primary weapon and abilities useless. Other than this, it can take almost a group effort to take out AC Perry.

Balancing Changes

June 2017 Patch

  • Decreased freeze rate by 40%



  • He was seen in the E3 gameplay for Graveyard Ops, where he was fixing a broken engine. However, he never appeared in gameplay.
  • He performs the "Yes" gesture during his gameplay reveal.
    • He also performs the "Get a Hand of This" gesture at the end.
  • He is the only Engineer variant to have ginger hair.
  • He is also the only Engineer variant to have his proper name in his name, Perry.
  • He is the only Engineer variant to have two shoes, with his left shoe torn open.
  • There was a glitch where he was freezing plants twice as fast as other ice variants. This was fixed in the Trouble in Zombopolis: Part One DLC.
  • AC Perry has a very tactical reload, just like Captain Flameface.
  • For some odd reason, his icons don't show him with his mustache.
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