3x3 is the first Vasebreaker level of Pirate Seas in Plants vs. Zombies 2. The player must smash all vases and kill all zombies to beat the level. There are thirty vases, and one of them containing Plant Food. After completing this level, the player receives a money bag.


The main trouble in this level are the Seagull Zombies, because of their speed and their immunity to Spikeweeds' attack. A Wall-nut should be used to stop this zombie in case there is only one Threepeater able to attack it. The player has to think of a way to deal with a relatively high number of Pirate Zombie and Conehead Pirates as well.


  • As always, the player should break the plant vases first to get Threepeaters, which are crucial in this level.
  • If a Seagull Zombie appear, plant a Wall-nut on its lane to stop it.
  • Although the Spikeweeds can easily be bypassed by Seagull Zombies, they are still needed to deal with Pirate Zombie and Conehead Pirates. Try planting one of them on each lane.
  • If there are too many zombies, the player can use Plant Food on either Spikeweed or Threepeater, depending on the situation.

Related achievement

Davy Jones' Vase2.png
Davy Jones' Vase
Complete the Pirate Seas Challenge Pack



  • This is the only level in the whole Plants vs. Zombies series with a name that contains more numbers than letters.
  • The title of the level once more suggests how to beat it.
    • It is most likely called 3x3 because the player gets three Threepeaters or because of the intended layout, despite there being eleven plants.




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