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Plants vs. Zombies

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The Plants vs. Zombies series is a tower defense video game series published by PopCap Games. The games have hordes of zombies that keep trying to invade the player's house to eat the brains. The players need to use different plants provided to defend against the zombies. There are many types of plants, such as peashooting plants, lobbed-shot plants, defensive plants and mushrooms. The zombies also have a variety of special abilities, such as having roadcones and buckets to protect themselves, some can use items to jump over the plants, and the stronger zombies include Gargantuars and Giga-gargantuars. The main antagonist of the game is Dr. Zomboss, who is the ruler of the zombies.

The games consist of many different game modes such as Adventure Mode, mini-games and Survival Mode in Plants vs. Zombies, Road Trip in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. The series is also on a wide variety of platforms, from handheld consoles such as the DS, DSiWare to home consoles such as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

List of gamesEdit

Main series gamesEdit

Game Summary
Plants vs. Zombies Pvz logo stacked rgb The first game of Plants vs. Zombies series. The first platform of this game is in PC, which is an extremely huge success of PopCap. In the next few years, Plants vs. Zombies was published to many platforms. In this game, the player needs to play 50 Adventure Mode levels first. The players can play different game modes too. Mini-games are many fun levels. Puzzle Mode is a mode with, as its name implies, many interesting puzzles to solve. Survival Mode provides good challenge for the experienced players.
Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time 200px Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time is the second game of main Plants vs. Zombies series. In this game, the players take a time travel. They go to Ancient Egypt, Wild West and more areas to defeat the zombies.


Game Summary
Plants vs. Zombies Pinball PopCap Games and Zen Studios created a game, Plants vs. Zombies Pinball. Just like normal pinball games, but it has been modeled with a Plants vs. Zombies theme design. Use the pea (ball) to attack Dr. Zomboss, which is launched by Cob Cannon. The pea will be upgraded after it touches any power-ups. It is only available for download on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation Network. In early 2013 the Plants vs. Zombies Pinball table became a part of a bigger package, Zen Pinball 2, released among the previous Zen Pinball Tables on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U.
Plants vs. Zombies Adventures 200 px Plants vs. Zombies Adventures is a Plants vs. Zombies based-game which was available on Facebook. The player can play with other players. They can beat many zombies on Road Trip mode. Then reclaim new plants on the town. Use them on the Player's Town to prevent zombies go into the player's house. The game was closed on October 12, 2014.
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 200px Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is a third-person shooter game, with the main plant characters being Peashooter, Sunflower, Chomper, and Cactus, and main zombie characters being Foot Soldier, Engineer, All-Star, and Scientist.
Plants vs. Zombies Risk
A board game which is a modified version of Risk, it has a double-sided board and three gameplay types: Total Domination, where the objective is to gain control over the entire board, Mission Objective, where each player must complete a certain objective to win, and Tower Defense, which appears to be based off of normal Plants vs. Zombies gameplay, rather than Risk.

Chinese Spin-offs

Game Summary
Plants vs. Zombies Online Beta since December 9, 2013 and July 18, 2014. It is a PC version of Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time with more of less features. There are only three worlds so far, and more can appear in each update. The player can play this game at [1].
Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars A Chinese Spin-off to Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time that includes returning worlds (such as Ancient Egypt and Wild West), along with new worlds (Prehistoric Age and Great Wall of China). It also contains tons of new plants, including the Spurge, Water Pea, and Popcorn-pult. It also includes PvZ2 versions of the original game's zombies: this is due to some of them being present in the first world, American Suburbs.
Plants vs. Zombies: Journey To The West A Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies.
Plants vs. Zombies: Great Wall Edition A Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies.

Cancelled gamesEdit

Game Summary
Plants vs. Zombies: The Board Game 200 px Plants vs. Zombies: The Board Game was intended to be released on 2012, but was cancelled. The players would have used game cards to play this game. Like the rest of the Plants vs. Zombies series, the main purpose would have been to prevent the zombies from going to the house.

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