The garden rake can be bought from Crazy Dave for 200$ it lasts for three

The Garden Rake

levels it can be bought again when it runs out.


At the beginning of a level, the Garden Rake will appear on the second row (from right to left) on any ground lane, and this lane will also be where the first zombie appears (except in the puzzle mode vase breaker levels). When the zombie reaches the Rake, it will die instantly. This applies to every type of zombie except Gargantuars and Giga-Gargantuars, although it is unlikely they will be first.

How to use it (STRATEGY)Modifica

Buy the rake as soon as it runs out, it and it will take out the first zombie that appears. It gives you more time to set up your Sunflowers, without having to plant an offensive plant when the zombies arrive. This can actually be a hindrance in the hard Survival Mode levels when using the basic strategy with Peashooters.


  • The rake kills the first zombie that steps on it, but this is not the case for a gargantuar
  • The rake does the equivalent damage to a gargantuar as the squash this means half of his health