A lawn mower

Lawn Mowers are your last line of defence, when a zombie gets past your defences the lawn mower activates automatically and kills all the zombies on that lane exept in levels with water were the lawn mower sinks. You get 50$ for every lawn mower left at the end of the level from when the zombies start leaving money after level 1-10.


There is not much strategy to them, except to conserve your Lawn Mowers but to not waste plants to try and (fruitlessly) prevent your Lawn Mowers from being used up.


  • Lawn Mowers are even more powerful than instant kill plants, as they can kill even a Gargantuar in one hit.
  • When a Lawn Mower meets a zombie, it will slow down a little bit to kill the zombies. This also happens with Pool Cleaners and Roof Cleaners.
  • When a lawn mower kills a zombie, the zombie will only be left with their heads.
  • The only land zombies that will die in a different way instead of being squashed are the Zomboni, the Catapult zombie, the Zombie bobsled team (in their bobsleds), and the Gargantuar

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