Dr. Zomboss's Revenge is the final Mini-game on most versions and is also a conveyor-belt level, which means that plants are given to you. This Mini-game, being different to the first playthrough of level 5-10 on the Roof because the Zombot now has double the health (41,144 normal damage shots), is a repeat of the final boss battle in the game.


Dr. Zomboss

Dr. Zomboss has four attacks. When not doing any of them he will send zombies (all except Aquatic Zombies, Flag Zombies, Balloon Zombies, Dancing Zombies, Backup Dancers, Zombie Bobsled Team and Digger Zombies) at the player.

   * The most frequent attack is to duck down so you can see the Zombot's head. After a short delay its eyes will glow either red or blue, signaling his attack, which if not destroyed will crush the player's plants and Roof Cleaner:
         o If the eyes turn red, he will release a fireball. Use an Ice-shroom to extinguish it.
         o If the eyes turn blue, he will release a snowball. Use a Jalapeno to melt it, making sure to plant it in the same row. 
   * Another attack is to dangle three Bungee Zombies from the Zombot's fingers.
   * If you plant plants on the flat part of the Roof, Dr. Zomboss may make the Zombot step on them, squashing them..
   * Dr. Zomboss will throw a camper van down on your plants every so often, instantly crushing all of the plants in a 3 wide x 2 tall area.